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Troublesome computer

GermsrosolinoGermsrosolino Registered User regular
Hey guys, I'm currently deployed in Iraq, and I have very limited internet, so my personal resources are kinda cut off. I'm tryin to fix my squad leader's computer, but I'm having trouble pinpointing the problem.

Whenever he uses explorer, the computer locks up and freezes. In addition, on occasion it will repeatedly have trouble starting in normal mode, but after a diskcheck, it starts up fine. I've already tried changing all thumbnail settings to details, run /scannow, run a scan with malwarebytes anti-maleware and spybot S&D (came back with 9 issues, cleared with no trouble), and just when I was sure it was working fine, I gave it back to him, and then it seized up again the same night. It's a 64-bit Vista comp, 4 gigs of RAM, he's only using about 25% of the hard drive, processor isn't fantastic, but it's not bad. Anyone have any ideas?

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