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Finding/selecting original Star Wars trilogy DVDs?

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I am trying to buy the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD for a good friend of mine. She likes the films and has quite an extensive movie collection but for whatever reason never acquired the trilogy. I myself own this edition, and I got it for relatively cheap from Barnes & Noble a couple years ago.

I now find that this edition, and indeed almost all of the older releases of the trilogy on DVD, have skyrocketed in price and become almost impossible to find since the release of the "complete saga" Blu-Rays earlier this year. I want to get her the movies, but I cannot justify paying $200 to do it. It would be cheaper to buy her a damn Blu-Ray player (which she doesn't have) and get her the new Blu-Rays.

The only DVD edition of the original films I can find at anything approaching a reasonable price is this (though obviously not on Amazon), which according to reviews is the heavily tweaked cut with Hayden Christensen pasted in for Anakin/Vader's ghost, etc. I can live with that if it's all I can find - my friend merely likes Star Wars without being fanatical about it and probably wouldn't mind too much. However, I'd still rather get her a version with the original theatrical cuts of the movies if it can be had anywhere without selling your firstborn.

Is this possible? If not, is the three-disc set I linked above alright assuming you can get past Lucas' fiddling? There have been so many different frelling releases of these movies it is exhausting trying to figure out which is which, especially when some retailers helpfully do stuff like mixing up the box art.

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