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2011: A Year in Review



  • Goose!Goose! That's me, honey Show me the way home, honeyRegistered User regular
    edited December 2011
    January: Had a job
    End of January-February: Lost said job
    March: PAX East! Hanging out with the best people! Having fun! Woo!
    March - November: Most fruitless job search ever. Thank God for unemployment benefits and still living at home.

    Somewhere in there, I visited my brother's house a couple times, went to the season opener for the Giants at Fed Ex Field, went to the hospital for some weird infection thingy.

    That's about all the big stuff.

    Goose! on
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  • KochikensKochikens Registered User regular
    Had a pretty crazy mental breakdown in January, but got a pretty cool job and have managed to stay in the same apartment for an entire year. So that's pretty coo.

  • UbikUbik another one of the law guys Registered User regular
    Goose! wrote:
    January: Hand job

    is what i read

  • LadaiLadai Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    Ubik wrote:
    Goose! wrote:
    January: Hand job

    is what i read

    just imagining a daily planner turned to the month of January.

    Under January 1, someone has written "hand job" with and a ---> through the whole month.

    Ladai on
  • EndEnd Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    other than the company I work for getting broken up into two pieces and the larger part being sold to another company, my year has been pretty uninteresting

    End on
    I wish that someway, somehow, that I could save every one of us
  • ProjeckProjeck Registered User regular
    Tossrock wrote:
    Dang Projeck, that sounds like a real good year

    yeah. i'm basically the happiest i've been in like, well. ever, really.

  • LarlarLarlar consecutive normal brunches Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Ladai wrote:
    Ubik wrote:
    Goose! wrote:
    January: Hand job

    is what i read

    just imagining a daily planner turned to the month of January.

    Under January 1, someone has written "hand job" with and a ---> through the whole month.

    February: stick skinless penis into a vat of hydrocortisone cream and polysporin

  • PaperLuigi44PaperLuigi44 My amazement is at maximum capacity. Registered User regular
    Dichotomy wrote:
    january-december: I accomplish nothing of value

    Pretty much.

    I mean, it's what I wanted to do after the stress of university (I still get regular nightmares about not finishing an assignment), but next year I have to step things up, I don't want to be stuck in retail for the rest of my life.

    - Fixed a bug where the Moon was upside down.
    - Fixed a weird door.
  • TurambarTurambar Avocado at law Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    2011 could have been worse, I guess
    Much better than the trainwreck that was 2010
    I started therapy for my anxiety, which has helped
    Also started Kung Fu, which has been awesome
    Played a ton of great videogames

    Hopefully 2012 will be better for everyone

    Turambar on
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  • Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    2011 sucked.

  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    January: AW YEAH new year gonna be happy and awesome and get a girlfriend and maybe lose some weight and
    February: fuck it
    March: Sleep
    April: Sleep
    May: Working at a hospital, whoo good times
    June: I'm 22 and still lame why can't I be cool man I need more antidepressants dawg
    July: Antidepressants still working!
    August: Sleep
    September: Antidepressants stopped working aww
    October: Sleep, maybe I should go see a doctor, naw, just gonna sleep
    November: Continue sleeping
    December: Haven't made many plans yet, but I'm thinking, gonna stay depressed and sleep a lot.

    Oh brilliant
  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
    finished high school
    started college
    maybe I'll find a student job

    nothing really happens

    3926 4292 8829
    Beasteh wrote: »
  • LadaiLadai Registered User regular
    Larlar wrote:
    Ladai wrote:
    Ubik wrote:
    Goose! wrote:
    January: Hand job

    is what i read

    just imagining a daily planner turned to the month of January.

    Under January 1, someone has written "hand job" with and a ---> through the whole month.

    February: stick skinless penis into a vat of hydrocortisone cream and polysporin

    Livin' the dream.

  • thedude_frombaywatchthedude_frombaywatch Registered User regular
    I heard it's pretty windy in LA

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  • BaidolBaidol I will hold him off Escape while you canRegistered User regular
    edited December 2011
    Watched my brother graduate college in May.

    Passed my advancement to candidacy exam for my graduate program in May.

    Got Head TA for the organic labs this year.

    I'm pretty happy.

    Baidol on
    Steam Overwatch: Baidol#1957
  • bowtiedsealbowtiedseal Registered User regular
    it's been a pretty decent year. finished my first year of grad school, ran my first 5k and first 10k, worked in a bookstore, made it past the first few phases of a very competitive fellowship process (still waiting on the results of the latest round), turned 24 yesterday. next year promises to be scary, what with graduation looming and having to figure out what to do next, but hopefully it will be good-scary!

  • QuothQuoth the Raven Miami, FL FOR REALRegistered User regular
    Had a baby

    Plastered his pictures all over the Internet

    Worked way less than I intended

    So tired

  • MorivethMoriveth Nobody suspects a thing... Registered User regular
    2012 is gonna be nuts

    I'm gonna be a father

    and then the world ends a few months later

    3ds friend code: 2036 9837 9754
    PSN/XBL id: Moriveth
  • Romanian My EscutcheonRomanian My Escutcheon Two of Forks Registered User regular
    I heard it's pretty windy in LA

    Courtesy of Kris Straub's Twitter...


  • TamTam Le Buggeur Risible Registered User regular
    this has been the Year of Lies

  • EdcrabEdcrab Registered User regular
    Tam wrote:
    this has been the Year of Lies

    I don't believe you

  • fightinfilipinofightinfilipino Angry as Hell CharlottesvilleRegistered User regular
    edited December 2011
    holy shit (heh) Munkus, you and Stale need Skynet-brand cybernetics.
    (glad to hear you're doing better now...Counsel!)

    2011 has been...interesting.

    Jan - May 2011: holy crap grad school senioritis + awesome girlfriend = who gives a fuck bout school

    May 2011 - beginning of July 2011: studying for the Bar. life SUCKS. girlfriend still there, but i don't see her much. ugh.

    end of July: Bar exam: FUCK THIS SHIT.

    August 2011: recovery, WELCOME TO PAAAAAXXXX, schoollessness, joblessness

    September 2011: gf breaks up with me out of the blue. good times. still no job.

    October 2011: now depressed and still no job.

    November 2011: hangouts with the Santa Monica/LA SE people. lots of time sunk into Diablo 3/SWToR betas. manage to land a job with a small but cool firm. life is starting to look ok...

    November 18, 2011: i find out i actually fucking passed the CA Bar. SHIT YES.

    tomorrow: i'm being sworn in as a full-blown lawyer.

    tomorrow evening: going to do my damndest to avoid alcohol poisoning.

    definitely an eventful year.

    fightinfilipino on
    steam | Dokkan: 868846562
  • TamTam Le Buggeur Risible Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    Edcrab wrote:
    Tam wrote:
    this has been the Year of Lies

    I don't believe you


    the smallest lie so far has been when AT&T told me my internet would be 25 dollars a month
    but then billed me 204 including installation bullshit I'd never been told about
    and then I called and got most of it dismissed and down to 45 bucks
    then they ignored that and sent me a new bill with the same old amount
    fucking assholes

    Tam on
  • ZonugalZonugal The Divorce Force Registered User regular
    fightinfilipino, if you don't pee blood you didn't celebrate hard enough.

  • dbrock270dbrock270 Registered User regular
    Edcrab wrote:
    Tam wrote:
    this has been the Year of Lies

    I don't believe you

    You need more people.

  • Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood My baby's in there someplace She crawled right inRegistered User regular
    discovered the magic of whisky

  • skettiosskettios Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    I am terrible at remembering things so here's my best guess.

    Jan: Back on ADHD meds. Became a quarter of a century old.
    Feb: Bummed out by not getting raise at work (not even a cost of living increase)
    Mar: ???
    Apr: Cut ties to 2 friends I'd known since high school
    May: Family dog was put down on mother's day. I still miss her. She was a little over 16 years old. corgi of my life
    Jun/Jul: ???
    Aug: PAX!! Met lots of forum folks ...and my boss quit
    Sep: Coworker quit. I have to "temporarily" pick up the slack (am still doing these tasks... :( ). Helped friend move. Now have easy place to crash at in Seattle.
    Oct: Celebrated 6 years with @irtehmongoose. Then he went and shattered his kneecap!
    Nov: mongoose's surgery. Spend almost 2 weeks working from home to care for him. Layoffs at work, great for morale! Discovered MEAD

    Unsure of dates:
    - First half of the year, I lost 30-40 pounds. Am now maintaining ~140.
    - Started attending a ladies mtg group at CK. ( also got some coworkers playing mtg :P )
    - Started drawing kinda for realsies

    skettios on
  • AvrahamAvraham Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    beginning of the year: depressed, feeling like crud
    end of the year: not depressed, consistently doing well in school.

    Things are looking up!

    Avraham on
    :bz: :bz: :bzz:
  • Ginger MijangoGinger Mijango Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    January - Fuck this mid-term Honours report that doesn't even contribute to my grade. Fuck my Audio exam grade.
    February - Fuck Intelligent Agents, fuck this Honours project.
    March - Fuck these Disparity Maps, fuck this Honours project.
    April - Fuck this Honours Project, fuck this documentation.
    May - Fuck fuck fuck Honours project deadline fuck fuck fuck. Oh yeah, started running.
    June - Fuck Graduation. Good Honours grades, shitty degree class. Fuck. Ow my legs. Go to Belfast, get shot with paintball guns, get drunk, eat stuff, have massive bruises.
    July - Fucking give me a job. run.
    August - Fucking give me a job. run a bit less
    September - Fucking give me a job. run a bit less
    October - Fucking give me a job. Fuck running, it's cold outside.
    November - Fucking give me a job. Too cold to run.
    December - FUCKING.GIVE.ME.A.JOB. (Maybe have a job, they're due to get back to me today/early next week)

    Ginger Mijango on
  • skettiosskettios Registered User regular
    oh oh
    Some other things that happened:
    - Learning how to cook
    - Running

  • FishmanFishman Mahna Mahna Registered User regular
    April: Minor promotion. Addition of some small duties to my existing ones. No big deal.
    July: Co-worker quits. Addition of some not insignificant duties to my existing ones, but nothing I haven't done before.
    August: Solution Architect leaves team. Addition of serious responsibility to my existing duties. Fortunately I'm just competent enough at my job to stay ahead of the flood.
    September: Manager transfers teams. Promoted into her place. Addition of significant duties in addition to the three other peoples jobs I was already doing. Fortunately, we're in the 'dead period', and work loads are low, allowing me to keep up.
    October: Promotion becomes official. Get insignificant pay rise to address the fact I'm now doing the work of 4 people. 2 people are added to my team, and I have to spend even more of my time training them up to standard.
    November: Dead period definitely over. Overtime is a daily occurrence. Several work deadlines are missed and shit is beginning to slip.
    December: New hires beginning to pull weight. Workloads easing off. I might actually manage to take a day off some time around the 25th.

    X-Com LP Thread I, II, III, IV, V
    That's unbelievably cool. Your new name is cool guy. Let's have sex.
  • VivixenneVivixenne Remember your training, and we'll get through this just fine. Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    January - AusPAX which was AWESOME and also wrapping up my job at the volleyball association so that I could start work at...
    February - my fieldwork placement at the children's hospital
    March - placement continues and hardcourt season starts up again
    April - placement still going, hardcourt season in full swing
    May - last full month of placement, I find that I am loving the work I am doing and don't want to give it up
    June - fly to Beijing to visit my family, which goes surprisingly well
    July - a month off that I spend mainly getting ready to go back to class and also having a cursory look at my visa options once my degree ends
    August - uni resumes and it's a LOT of work and it feels like the semester is shorter than usual
    September - a pretty chill month that culminates in my kneecap getting dislocated in the final week
    October - recovery from the injury and completion of uni work, including a massive presentation that I got lots of props for doing
    November - finish my degree (hooray!) wisdom tooth surgery and freakouts about my visa paperwork coupled with job applications; also Blake gets a new car and a new suit in a single day
    December - Skyrim just came in the mail today so I imagine this month will be easier since I have a distraction from the visa stress

    Vivixenne on
  • George Fornby GrillGeorge Fornby Grill ...Like Clockwork Registered User regular
    Notable things that have happened this last year:

    The Ironically-Named ManPax wherein some guys hung out at a lake house in Manitoba and drank a lot and played video games and just hung out with maybe a little bit of yelling about Catan.

    At some point I went to Iowa to hang out with forum user faynor and some of his weird midwest friends and we went to the Iowa state fair

    I guess before those things happened I graduated highschool, but that was uneventful

    September, I moved here to Eugene and since then I have been loving living in a less-shitty place

    October 28th was my first major blackout-drunk experience, that was cool I guess. Probably won't do that much, if ever again!

    More recently I have purchased a PS3 so now I am a dirty console gamer.

  • ZonugalZonugal The Divorce Force Registered User regular
    Crawford you just need to re-examine your perspective. Don't look at it as blacking-out but time traveling.

    Wouldn't you like to time travel some more?

  • BlankzillaBlankzilla KOOKABUNGA LIVES Registered User regular
    2011 was pretty awful

    January through April wasn't bad

    then my girlfriend for two and a half years and I broke up. Which, on it's own was not necessarily a bad thing. It needed to be done.

    May through August was crazy party times and I also got fired and had 3 different girls lead me on so I would drive them around or pay for stuff so that was fun

    and then August through October was pretty dull and shitty because the friends I had still in town never wanted to do anything other than get SO HIGH and sit around and do nothing and would bitch whenever I voiced dissent. Plus a bunch of bullshit with a girl, a common theme.

    Then October through now has been pretty lonely and boring and filled with school finances bullshit and my friends deciding to never talk to me and basically being that forever alone guy

    Bring on 2012 please

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  • VoproSTEINVoproSTEIN howdyRegistered User regular
    I turned 21 this year! I also decided I would major in film, and that community college was good enough for me.

    Good year overall.

  • miscellaneousinsanitymiscellaneousinsanity grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, i hurt peopleRegistered User regular
    edited December 2011
    one of these years i should go to a pax

    e: i also turned 21 this year! hi5 dave

    miscellaneousinsanity on
  • MereHappenstanceMereHappenstance Registered User regular
    2011 was just a blur for me. Bits and pieces of it I remember. Most of that involves masturbating.

    It's been a fruitful year.

  • VoproSTEINVoproSTEIN howdyRegistered User regular
    Hi5ing you so hard misc

    We are the coolest 21 year olds.

  • George Fornby GrillGeorge Fornby Grill ...Like Clockwork Registered User regular
    Zonugal wrote:
    Crawford you just need to re-examine your perspective. Don't look at it as blacking-out but time traveling.

    Wouldn't you like to time travel some more?

    I somehow wound up hanging out with this group of black dudes in a parking lot, that is one of the things that happened that night.

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