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If you can't find something fun and hilarious to do in SR3, I contend that you are simply not human.
HiT BiT wrote: »


Do not do an activity in the open world before it is introduced in the actual story mission. If you do, it has the nasty side effect of skipping all the character dialogue and cutscene when doing the actual mission with it. For example, Pierce will have a mission for you to be on Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax. Once you complete that mission it is okay to do any of the open world instance of the Professor Genki activity.

In single player, you have the choice to replay the final mission one time only and see the alternate ending. If you have only beaten it once with one ending and then coop you will lose your one chance to replay it.

Some of the challenges like 25 Gang Taunts or kill X Gang Specialists are exponentially harder if you wipe out the gangs first, so you may want to attempt those before clearing out the gangs.

NOTE: You can still do assassination targets even if you wipe out all the gang control beforehand. The game is smart enough to repopulate the area if you select the target. There is no way to be locked out of doing them and not getting 100%.


"Let's get something cleared up. If you object to the idea of someone being walloped with a giant comedy phallus, then Saints Row: The Third isn't going to be the game for you."

What is Saints Row: The Third?

Saints Row: The Third is the upcoming sequel in one of the most beloved sandbox series of all right thinking gamers everywhere who love fun. This brand new entry is dated for release on November 15, 2011 for 360, PS3, and PC, and amps up the action and insanity with a focus on the single player and coop experience, dropping the multiplayer component of the previous two games. New weapon customization, a new city called Steelport, an awesome button to missile dropkick into cars, rc control devices, airstrikes, a mexican wrestling gang, detailed gang customizing including mix and match, an autotune pimp, rickshaws, and a gimp suit are all signs that point towards Saints Row: The Third being the sandbox game of the decade.


Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to a new city, playing out the most outlandish gameplay scenarios ever seen. Strap it on.



The Teaser Trailer!

An animated gif of the teaser!

Some short words about nutshots
Volition wrote:
By this point, many of you have already seen our debut gameplay trailer, and more than likely, hit the play button a few extra times to watch the face of agony over and over. Our animation team here at Volition have some words to bring extra light as to what occurs in the trailer.

"The testicular assault is kind of a natural evolution of Saint's Row melee combat. I mean honestly, how many games are comfortable with their own sense of self that they can build an entire melee system around the comedic brilliance of a person taking a shot in the crotch?"

Saints Row: The Third CG Trailer

Gameplay Trailer with Commentary!

Professor Genki Preorder Trailer!

Comic Con SD 2011 - Saints Row the Third 3D Projection Show!

Saints Row: The Third Syndication Trailer!

Saints Row: The Third complete second mission!

Meet the characters of Saints Row: The Third

Phillipe Loren

Phillipe Loren is the leader of the Syndicate, in particular the gang called the Morning Star, says Steve Jaros, lead writer of Saints Row: The Third. He's kind of like a Bond villain. He's statuesque and poised and elegant, and he's a total gentleman. He's not a fop, he's not effeminate, and he's not going to play to that European stereotype. He's coldly logical and dangerous and very savvy.

Phillipe is the main antagonist in the game, essentially kicking off the game's story by kidnapping the player character, Johnny Gat, and Shaundi after a botched bank robbery. The game's first mission takes place in Phillipe's jet, as the player blasts his way out of the aircraft and down into Steelport.

It turns out that the player has made a powerful enemy in Phillipe, who's far more powerful than the street level thugs that littered Stilwater. He's made a killing being an international arms dealer. He's pretty much the leader of the criminal fraternity in Steelport. He calls all the shots, he directs everybody, he's the guy that you just don't want to fuck with.


Killbane wrote:
The wrestling-masked Luchadores are one of the more flamboyant criminal organizations in Steelport, so it's only appropriate that the gang is led by someone equally peculiar. Killbane is a former professional wrestler who also founded the Luchadors with his tag-team partner, Angel. Killbane became jealous of his partner's success, which led him to publicly unmask and shame his former friend. Eventually, Killbane was banished to Mexico after he killed an opponent in the ring. That exile didn't last, and the grappler is back and running his group.

He's obsessed with his legacy and is a total fame ***, says Steve Jaros, lead writer on Saints Row: The Third. In some ways, he's like a dark mirror to the player.

Killbane's given name is Eddie Pryor, but he doesn't respond to that moniker. His mask is a constant presence, whether he's on the streets, being interviewed on television, or attending a Syndicate board meeting. He's always embracing that luchadore spirit and never wants to let it go, says Jaros, adding that while Killbane might look a little clownish he's not someone to be taken lightly. He's very volatile. He can be charming and debonair one moment and then just snap off and break your neck.

And what of Angel? He's still dealing with the disgrace of being unmasked, but he'll prove to be a helpful ally to the player as he navigates the unfamiliar streets of Steelport.

Matt Miller

Even though Steelport is a city where groups of wrestling-masked gangsters stalk corners without anyone giving it a second thought, don't assume all of the city's crime involves ostentatious displays of costuming, rocket launchers, or remote-controlled drones. Sometimes, even the world of Saints Row calls for subtlety.

Matt Miller is the Syndicate's go-to guy for those instances. As leader of the Deckers, Miller (no relation) is in charge of the city's cybercrime. As with a lot of folks bolstered by the anonymity of the Internet, Miller is all swagger when he's at his keyboard. Take him out of his element, and it's another story. The thing that's interesting about him is that when he's by himself he thinks that he's god, says Steve Jaros, the game's lead writer. He's super cocky and kind of obnoxious and is very self-assured in what he does. However, when he's around Killbane or Phillipe, he's like a 15-year-old kid sitting at the big kid table.

Even if he does clam up during those meetings, Phillipe and the rest of the Syndicate appreciate his contributions. It's always good to have someone smart in your corner, particularly when it's so potentially lucrative.


Zimos wrote:
As Steelport's oldest pimp, Zimos is a fixture in the criminal ecosystem. At first, the Syndicate tolerates the eccentric character, and he even forges a friendship with Phillipe Loren's proteges, Viola and Kiki DeWynter. The relationship goes south for as-yet-unknown reasons, and Zimos finds himself locked away in the basement of one of the Syndicate's human trafficking hubs.

After being rescued by the player, the temporarily gimp-suited Zimos becomes an important ally. His ties to the criminal underworld are critical in the player's early days in Steelport, and he's a great guide to the city. In general, he's kind of like the lovable granddad of the Saints, says lead writer Steve Jaros. He's too old to care, he has a lot of swagger. Pretty much he's seen it all, he's done it all, and he's too cool to be scared or offended.

In addition to the role of de facto tour guide, Zimos provides plenty of comic relief. He has had a tracheotomy, though that hasn't stopped him from smoking through the subsequent hole in his throat. He speaks using an electronic voice box, which has been autotuned. In other words, everything he says sounds like it was plucked from a T-Pain song. Stay classy, Saints Row.

Angel De La Muerte, and Viola and Kiki DeWynter




The New City of Steelport




Some Sexy Steelport Wallpaper

Take a video tour of Saints Row's new city:

Designing Saints Row: The Third's New City:


* Players will be able to share their characters online with the Initiation Station:

* Triangular based character sliders


* You can paint your character green, blue, gold, silver, etc.

* Sex Appeal slider

* You will not be able to import your SR2 character into SR3, since the new engine is not compatible.

"While it's by no means the most subtle weapon in your arsenal, this floppy phallus packs a mean punch when used as a melee weapon. The top of this sex toy seems to have a mind of its own, wobbling around in a disturbing display of physics."

* Weapon customization purchasable through earned XP

why shoot a gun when you can wear giant over-sized boxing gloves called "Apoca-fist" that instantly vaporize anyone you punch?

The New Weapons of Saints Row: The Third Article


Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax


This activity has been described as a cross between a crazy Japanese gameshow and The Running Man. Like the awesome Schwarzenegger movie, this show pits several sociopaths against each other in a fight to the death. Weapon drops and fire traps ensure bloodshed, and the hyperactive Japanese announcers will be jabbering away throughout. Expect onscreen graphics like Japanese text and oddities similar to Mortal Kombat II's "Toasty guy" as you murder the competition.

Tank Mayhem


Tank Mayhem places you in a tank instead of behind the sights of an assault rifle or RPG launcher. Various high-value targets will appear while you're going all Goldeneye on the city, including a parade of strippers. Send a shell their way or get them tangled in your treads, and you'll be raking in the cash and respect.

Guardian Angel

Your buddy Angel hates the Syndicate just as much as you do, and he wants to make sure you're tough enough to take them on. In this activity, he forces you to drive a car around while a tiger sits in the backseat. Get into a fender bender or run into a stop sign, and he'll start mauling you. It's a definite test of your driving ability, but a co-op partner can sit in the backseat and try to tame the tiger if things get too tough.

Insurance Fraud and Trail Blazing are returning. Septic Avenger, Fight Club, and FUZZ are sadly not.

The Over the Top Activities of Saints Row: The Third

the core mechanic of the driving experience has been completely overhauled. Car handling is a lot more fast, fluid and fun, and leaves you open to doing some insane stunts in the open-world setting.

There are some outlandish cars, too, such as one that features the giant head of Johnny Gat on the hood smoking a cigarette that shoots out flames. Then there's Professor Genki's Super Ballistic Manapult, which features a giant cannon on the roof that can suck up people (or even yourself) and then shoot them out.


The coolest air vehicle was the Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Jet, which can seamlessly switch from hover to jet mode in an instant. It also lets you shoot missiles and laser beams. LASER BEAMS!



Other Stuff
"The LB button acts as a sprint button as well as a modifier. Volition refers to it as the "awesome button" because it amplifies any action you do. In the case of carjacking, this shortens the process down to a missile drop kick into the driver's seat. Sprint at the car from the side and you'll break through the window, sending the driver flying out the opposite door."

The Levar Burton Seal of Approval

Signs point to an awesome PC port this time:

Mocap'd Sombreros!

Eddie Nunez special one-off print of Killbane and the Luchadores:


Professor Genki Preorder!


A real life version of the Professor Genki car from Comic-con!


Info from Consoles article (French gaming magazine)

Consoles wrote:
* Philippe Loren has a french accent, thus making him a Walloon Belgian.
* One of the influences for Steelport is the alternate Hill Valley from Back to the Future 2. This is so awesome.
* Between 15 and 20 of the missions don't happen on the main map, but on "extern places", like the first mission in Loren's jet. Some mini-games will be as well. This allow for missions very differents from what this genre of games usually delivers, say Greg.
* QTE Fights will be present, the first fight on the jet will be played this way.
* The cars are much better to handle than the SR2 cars. A small blur effect will appear when you accelerate.
* One new screenshot : The MC is robbing a gunsmith. You can see a lot of guns, like the pistol the MC uses (it looks a lot like a Strayer Voigt Infinity with a compensator), and guns on the shelves : old AK47, newer (all black) AK 103, some kind of Barrett, M4, on an unknown sniper rifle on the counter.
* Some ideas, abandoned because of a lack of time during the creation of SR2, will appear in SR3.
* No cover system. They want a fast, fluid, fun combat system.
In previous Saints Row games, the player would be able to approach each of the three rival gangs along separate storylines that ultimately culminated into a final conclusion. In The Third, the storylines between the three gangs are interconnected, and decisions that the player makes in dealing with one faction may alter the behavior of the other factions towards the player or missions that may be available later. The developers have focused on developing an open-ended storyline; the majority of storyline missions can be completed in multiple ways, and the decisions that the player makes on these missions will ultimately affect the game's ending.

Download your very own Johnny Gat papercraft!


* Calling in airstrikes is an ability you get early in the game

* A Saints Row 3DS game was announced at last year's E3 called Saints Row: Drive By but it has been officially cancelled.

* No Multiplayer for Saints Row: The Third (only coop and single player)

Saints Row The Third Pre E-3 Interview:

SR3 developer interview about how they approach the design of the game:

Video Interview with Scott Phillips from Volition on SR3:

Brainstorming the Humor in SR3:

Morningstar gang Info at the GameInformer SR3 hub:

The Evolution of Saints Row video:

OXM wrote:
"When you're charged with rescuing a pimp named Zimos later in the game, it bins the traditional rescue and escort format in favour of a weapon-heavy chase between gimp-drawn rickshaws."


And the final big question on everyone's mind...

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    The Original Saints Row

    Saints Row was only released on Xbox 360.

    Saints Row multiplayer is widely regarded as the best in the series with modes like Protect the Pimp and Blinged out Ride. It did not have coop. Unfortunately, Volition has taken down the servers for the original game.

    The missions and story in the original Saints Row are still quite fun to play, if a bit unforgiving. The activities, customization, and world itself are sorely lacking after playing the drastically improved sequel Saints Row 2.

    Is Saints Row worth playing or should you skip to the much better sequel Saints Row 2?

    You really do not need to play the first game before starting the second. Saints Row 2 gets you up to speed on the story in the opening cutscene, and feels like a clean slate letting you create a character from scratch. If you have a 360, the original is worth playing mainly just to see the story and the history of characters like Troy, Donnie, Lynn, and Julius.

    About Saints Row 2
    Klash wrote:
    There I was, a purple mohawked, glittery, naked, tattooed man with a pirate hook, taking hostages in an underground mall. Story of my life, really.

    Gather around the forum campfire and listen up why Saint's Row 2 is the gold standard of customizable sociopath sandbox fun.

    Saint's Row 2 is a sandbox-style action-adventure video game in which you play the leader of a street gang known as the 3rd Street Saints. You awaken from a trauma-induced coma after a betrayal and staged yacht explosion five years ago at the end of the first game. After escaping from prison, your goal is to take on the gangs who currently control the city of Stilwater in attempt to regain your territory. The game is composed of elements from third-person shooters and driving games in open world gameplay. The main game can be played through in single-player or through online co-operative play with seamless drop in, drop out gameplay. The game also contains competitive multiplayer modes such as Strong Arm and Gangsta Brawl supporting up to 16 players.

    Since its release, Saints Row 2 has been generally praised by critics and fans alike and has received generally positive reviews. The game went on to gain numerous awards, including best freeplay game of 2008 by IGN and was given several mentions as one of the best games of 2008.

    It is also stupid crazy awesome on an atomic scale with the number of things you can do in the game. It is the most fun I have ever had in a videogame in my entire life. The biggest testament to Saints Row 2 is that we are still playing it online coop after a year and a half!

    Saints Row 2 Official Media


    Activities Trailer

    Coop Trailer

    Story Trailer

    Vehicles and Weapons Trailer

    Voice Talent Trailer

    Voice talent includes Daniel Dae Kim (24, Lost), Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: DS9), Jamie Pressly (My Name is Earl, Dead or Alive), Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, Harold and Kumar movies, Doogie Howser MD), Michael Rappaport (Higher Learning, Deep Blue Sea) and Eliza Dushku (Tru Calling, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back).

    Zero Punctuation's love letter to the game that made me want to check it out in the first place:

    Saints Row 2 Features

    Insane levels of character customization
    * An overweight middle-aged asian man with a samurai topknot and and a cockney accent? YES
    * A rail-thin effeminate boy with a female latino accent? YES
    * A huge samoan with war paint wearing a prom dress? YES

    NOTE these are actual characters PA guys have created that I've played with!

    Vehicle customization
    * A gold plated septic truck with hydraulics so that it can bounce around while spraying feces all over the place? YES
    * A big truck shaped like a hamburger basket with fries with nitrous and spinners? YES
    * A lowrider hearse with tinted glass, wide tires, and extra low rims? YES

    What are some of the mind-numbingly stupid awesome things you can do in the game?
    * fly a UFO around an underground mall!
    * throw old ladies off bridges and into oncoming traffic!
    * take off all your clothes and streak!
    * blow up gas stations!
    * mug people!
    * rob stores!
    * vehicle surf!
    * play casino games!
    * plane dogfights!
    * car, plane, and helicopter races!
    * stick satchel charges to people's heads and watch them flail around before detonating!
    * base jump and parachute on top of buildings and snipe people!
    * drive prostitutes around while they take care of their johns!
    * play chicken with pimped out cement trucks!
    * demolition derby with bulldozers!
    * drive an ambulance and resuscitate people with shock paddles!
    * drive a taxi and pickup fares!
    * fight club in prison!
    * steal a jetski and explore islands!
    * play cat and mouse with one person in a heli and the other in a car!
    * throw people into fire and set them aflame!
    * play a zombie arcade game!
    * dress your gang up as ninjas!
    * Wear crazy outfits that show up in the story cutscenes like a hotdog suit!

    Do all of the above coop with a friend!
    Killjoy wrote:
    Killjoy: Alright
    Killjoy: Saints Row 2 has proved the impossible
    Killjoy: You can make an escort mission FUN
    Killjoy: I am currently protecting a van as it drives around town making drug deals
    Killjoy: protecting it from above
    Killjoy: with an attack helicopter that has a chaingun and laser- Guided missiles
    Killjoy: while listening to Aha's Take On Me

    Saints Row 2 Online for Consoles

    If you want to play SR2 online with other PA members on 360 or PS3, simply post your gamertag/ID in the thread and I'll add it to this section. It's empty for now because the last Game On Thread was PC-centric.

    Saints Row 2 for PC

    WARNING! The Saints Row 2 PC port is widely regarded as one of the worst ports in the history of gaming! While most of the issues have been fixed by myself and other fans, be aware that you are likely walking into a viper's nest. You will need patience to see you through this dark path, but at the end lies pure gaming sandbox bliss including awesome mods only available on PC. Join us!

    The SR2 PC FAQ

    The absolute first thing you should do is read the SR2 PC FAQ I wrote up on the Steam forums:

    The FAQ has everything you need to know to troubleshoot and fix performance issues, crashing bugs, and fixing the dreaded Windows 7 speedup bug. You will likely be surprised at just what kind of hardware you'll need to overcome the underpants on head retarded coding of the game.

    Best Deal on SR2 PC

    Saints Row 2 PC is on sale at Amazon for usually less than $5. The DVD and registration key you get from the boxed version install on Steam as if you had bought it digitally:

    Playing SR2 PC Online with fellow PA'ers

    The Gentlemen of the Row Penny Arcade Steam Group


    Gentlemen of the Row is the classy Penny Arcade Steam group for the discerning gentleman who wishes to play SR2 PC Online. We always have quite a few members in group chat and frequently play other coop games together as well.

    If you are a contributing member to the forums, simply post in this thread with your Steam ID, or PM me here or on Steam for an invite.

    NOTE: Only coop works correctly for the PC version. Other multiplayer modes have such terrible desync issues that you're lucky if you can even stay connected in the lobby itself.

    Modding Saints Row 2 PC
    "IdolNinja enables us to do things that science and God frown upon."

    Gentlemen of the Row Super Mod for Saints Row 2 by IdolNinja

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRX8ACb- GWg

    Almost everyone in the Gentlemen of the Row group uses the latest beta release of the mod. You will likely need to install if you want to play coop with us.

    Saints Row 2 Cheat and Unlocks


    Everything you ever wanted to know about being a dirty filthy cheater who's never gonna prosper.

    (Some cheats are hilarious stupid fun and should absolutely be tried out.)

    NOTE: Cheats will flag your save and cause you grief in coop since it will alert the other player and flag his save too causing problems. Avoid the headaches by doing the following:

    1. Enter all cheats into your cell phone by dialing the numbers below. This will not activate them or flag the save, but merely make them available for you within the cheat menu.

    2. Enter the following cheats AND ACTIVATE THEM. They are actually promo codes from preordering from Gamestop and will not flag the save (even though you activate them under the cheats menu):
    #4976 Gyro Daddy (doesn't flag current game as cheated)
    #728237 Destroy (doesn't flag current game as cheated)
    #7266837 Peewee (doesn't flag current game as cheated)

    3. Save your game. As long as you haven't activated any cheats in the cheat menu (besides the promo vehicles) it will not be a cheat flagged save.

    4. Create a NEW save for your current character and have some fun messing around with low gravity, 4x explosions, drunk pedestrians, and anything else that sounds fun by activating the cheats in the cheat menu.

    Player Ability

    #1 - Full Health Replenishes your health to full.
    #2 - Car Mass Hole Your vehicle has infinite mass and smashes other vehicles out of the way.
    #3 - Milk Bones Melee attacks are extremely deadly.
    #4 - Add Police Notoriety Bumps Police Notoriety one star with each use.
    #5 - Player Pratfalls Use secondary attack/primary attack to pratfall, like in Insurance Fraud.
    #6 - Infinite Sprint You can sprint forever.
    #9 - Unlimited Clip You never have to reload because your clip runneth over forever.
    #11 - Infinite Ammo Gives you infinite ammo for all weapons.
    #12 - Heaven Bound The dead all go to Heaven.
    #35 - Add Gang Notoriety Bumps Gang Notoriety one star with each use.
    #36 - Never Die You will never die.
    #50 - No Cop Notoriety Removes all existing Police Notoriety.
    #51 - No Gang Notoriety Removes all existing Gang Notoriety.
    #200 - I Am Giant You ate your green beans, you grow big.
    #201 - Itty Bitty Homie, you shrunk yourself.
    #2274666399 - Give Cash Instantly gives you $1000.


    #711 - Give Horizon
    #712 - Give Snipes 57
    #713 - Give Tornado
    #714 - Give Wolverine
    #801 - Give Kaneda
    #802 - Give Kenshin
    #803 - Give Melbourne
    #804 - Give Sabretooth
    #805 - Give Sandstorm
    #806 - Give Widowmaker
    #825 - Give Hurricane
    #826 - Give Miami
    #827 - Give Python
    #828 - Give Shark
    #829 - Give Skipper
    #1040 - Give Ambulance
    #1041 - Give Anchor
    #1042 - Give Atlasbreaker
    #1043 - Give Attrazione
    #1044 - Give Blaze
    #1045 - Give Backhoe
    #1046 - Give Bagboy
    #1047 - Give Baron
    #1048 - Give Bear
    #1049 - Give Bootlegger
    #1050 - Give Bulldog
    #1051 - Give Bulldozer
    #1052 - Give Compton
    #1053 - Give Eiswolf
    #1054 - Give FBI
    #1055 - Give Five-0
    #1056 - Repair Car Repairs all damage to your vehicle.
    #1057 - Give Hollywood
    #1058 - Give Justice
    #1059 - Give Kent
    #1060 - Give Mag
    #1061 - Give Longhauler
    #1062 - Give Mongoose
    #1063 - Give Oring
    #1064 - Give Phoenix
    #1065 - Give Quasar
    #1066 - Give Quota
    #1067 - Give Rampage
    #1068 - Give Raycaster
    #1069 - Give Reaper
    #1070 - Give Septic Avenger
    #1071 - Give Shaft
    #1072 - Give Stilwater Municipal
    #1073 - Give Superiore
    #1074 - Give Taxi
    #1075 - Give The Job
    #1076 - Give Titan
    #1077 - Give Toad
    #1078 - Give Varsity
    #1079 - Give Venom Classic
    #1080 - Give Vortex
    #1081 - Give Zenith


    #920 - Give 12 Gauge
    #921 - Give 44
    #922 - Give AR200
    #923 - Give AR-50
    #924 - Give AR-50/Grenade Launcher
    #925 - Give AS14 Hammer
    #926 - Give Baseball Bat
    #927 - Give Chainsaw
    #928 - Give Fire Extinguisher
    #929 - Give Flamethrower
    #930 - Give Flashbang
    #931 - Give GAL43
    #932 - Give GDHC
    #933 - Give Grenade
    #934 - Give Kobra
    #935 - Give K6
    #936 - Give Knife
    #937 - Give Machete
    #938 - Give McManus 2010
    #939 - Give Mini- Gun
    #940 - Give Molotov
    #941 - Give Nightstick
    #942 - Give NR4
    #943 - Give Pepperspray
    #944 - Give Pimp Cane
    #945 - Give Pipebomb
    #946 - Give RPG
    #947 - Give Annihilator RPG
    #948 - Give Samurai Sword
    #949 - Give Satchel Charge
    #950 - Give Shock Paddles
    #951 - Give SKR-9
    #952 - Give Sledgehammer
    #953 - Give Stungun
    #954 - Give T3K
    #955 - Give Crowbar
    #956 - Give Tombstone
    #957 - Give VICE9
    #958 - Give XS-2 Ultimax
    #969 - Give Pimp Slap


    #666 -Wrath Of God -Lightning!
    #1200 -Time Set Noon -Sets the current time to Noon.
    #2400 -Time Set Midnight -Sets the current time to Midnight.
    #78665 -Overcast
    #78666 -Heavy Rain
    #78668 -Light Rain
    #78669 -Clear Skies
    #78670 -Restore Weather to Normal


    #7 -Super Explosions -Explosions are 4x bigger.
    #8 -Super Saints -The Saints are bad muthas.
    #15 -Drunk Pedestrians -Everybody's on the crunk juice.
    #16 -Evil Cars -All cars try to run you over.
    #18 -Low Gravity -Stilwaters' gravity generators are at quarter power.
    #19 -Pedestrian War -Hatred, Anger, Suffering, everybody hates each other.
    #20 -Raining Pedestrians -Hallelujah, it's a raining peds.
    #202 -Everybody Must Get Shrunk -All peoples, all over the world, get shrunk.


    All optional game unlockables that fall outside the story missions. Contains Spoilers
    Suburbs Level 3: 5% Clothing Discount
    Suburbs Level 6: 15% Clothing Discount
    Marina Level 3: Pepper Spray
    Marina Level 6: Chain Saw

    Level 3: Mechanic Discount
    Level 6: Demo Derby Vehicles

    Airport Level 3: X2 Ultimax Shotgun
    Airport Level 6: Infinite Shotgun Ammo (all shotguns)
    Hotel and Marina Level 3: Ronin notoriety reduced at a faster rate (small)
    Hotel and Marina Level 6: Ronin notoriety reduced at a faster rate (large)

    Red Light Level 3: Vehicle Delivery service
    Red Light Level 6: Vehicle Delivery service (Free)
    Stilwater University Level 3: Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced at a faster rate (small)
    Stilwater University Level 6: Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced at a faster rate (large)
    All Escort activities Completed: Escort Vehicles

    Arena Level 3: 15% more damage with fists
    Arena Level 6: 30% more damage with fists
    Prison Level 3: Legal Lee homie
    Prison Level 6: Troy homie

    Projects Level 3: Kobra Pistol
    Projects Level 6: Infinite Pistol Ammo
    Suburbs Level 3: Police notoriety reduced at a faster rate (small)
    Suburbs Level 6: Policenotoriety reduced at a faster rate (large)

    Trailer Park Level 3: 5% weapons store discount
    Trailer Park Level 6: 15% weapons store discount
    Barrio Level 3: 5% reduced bullet damage
    Barrio Level 6: 15% reduced bullet damage

    Factories Level 3: 2x Sprint
    Factories Level 6: Infinite sprint
    Museum Level 3: 5% less damage from vehicles
    Museum Level 6: 15% less damage from vehicles

    Red Light Level 3: 15% crib customization discount
    Red Light Level 6: 30% crib customization discount
    Nuclear Plant Level 3: Flamethrower
    Nuclear Plant Level 6: Annihilator RPG

    Suburbs Level 3: 15% improved weapon accuracy
    Suburbs Level 6: 30% improved weapon accuracy
    Red Light Level 3: 15% discount food and liquor stores
    Red Light Level 6: 30% discount food and liquor stores
    All Septic Avengers levels completed: Septic Truck

    Chinatown Level 3: 2x health regeneration
    Chinatown Level 6: 3x health regeneration
    Downtown Level 3: GAL43 SMG
    Downtown Level 6: Infinite SMG ammo

    Downtown Level 3: 5% less damage from explosions
    Downtown Level 6: 15% less damage from explosions
    Apartments Level 3: Brotherhood notoriety reduced at a faster rate (small)
    Apartments Level 6: Brotherhood notoriety reduced at a faster rate (large)
    All Trail Blazing levels complete: Fire Fighter Suit

    Complete any 1 Chop Shop list: Buggy
    Complete any 2 Chop Shop list: Kent (Combine)
    Complete all Chops Shop lists: 75% Mechanic Discount

    Complete any 1 Hitman list: Grenades at crib
    Complete any 3 Hitman lists: Satchel Charges at crib
    Complete all Hitman lists: Infinite Rifle ammo

    Avenger Jacket: 3 Gold star rank in Gang Kills

    Saints Race Bike: Complete all motorcycle races
    Saints Plane: Complete all plane races
    Saints Yacht: Complete all boat races
    Race car Bezier: Complete all car races
    Special Cowboy Hat: Complete all races

    NOTE: You only need to finish with a bronze star or at least 3rd place to "complete" a race towards the unlock

    No Fall Damage: 3 Gold star rank in base jumping
    Zombie Mask: Complete all levels in Zombie Uprising
    Traffic cone hat: 3 Gold star rank in vehicle surfing
    Pimp Suit: Complete Ho-ing Level 10 in Red Light District
    Paintball mask: Complete 30 Muggings
    Jane Valderama homie: Complete 50 muggings
    Free Food and Liquor: Successfully hold up 20 stores (you can only hold up a store in an area you don't control)
    Saints Ambulance: Complete all levels in Ambulance diversion
    Saints Fire Truck: Complete all levels in Fire Truck diversion
    Saints Toad ATV: Complete 10 Hostage diversions
    Saints Tow Truck: Complete all levels in Tow Truck diversion
    Super taxi: Complete all levels of taxi diversion
    The Duke's Bootleggger: Complete all 80 Stunt Jumps
    AR-50 XMAC Special: Complete all combat tricks (gang kill, gang car kill, one hit kill, headshot kill, nutshot kill, melee kill, throwing, multi kill, and motorcycle sword kill) - Can happen separately at different times
    Defibrilator: Complete all levels in Ambulance diversion
    Bandit vehicle: 3 Gold Stars in the following: Big Air, Oncoming, and Near Miss (can happen separately at different times)

    Zombie Carlos homie: Complete all Brotherhood missions and call Eye for an Eye (5555966)
    Free music tracks: tracks unlocked at 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 CDs found
    All music free at Scratch That: Find all 50 CDs

    Listen to the wiretaps inside the Detective Bureau room in the Stilwater Police Department in Harrowgate to unlock a new Saints mission on the map

    Saints Row 2 Neat Stuff

    Here are some of the neat things you may not know about the game.
    * Stand on the hood or roof of a car and press your enter vehicle key/button. You will be instantly teleported inside rather than walking around it to the door.

    * Drive up walls with motorcycles by driving directly at the wall. Do a wheelie so that both tires are on the wall and press up and hit the gas. Easiest to do on the Prototype motorcycle.

    * Pressing your alternate attack while holding a hostage will execute them. If unarmed, you will snap their neck.

    * Idle animations: Leave your controller alone, and the player character will do different animations depending on what he's near. These include fishing, dancing, lifting weights, leaning against a wall and smoking, snapping pictures, and kneeling down and praying at graves.

    * Your character will sing along with certain music on the radio in your car
    A-ha - Take on Me: All characters
    Europe - The Final countdown: Male voice 1
    Night Ranger - Sister Christian: Male Voice 2
    Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me: Male Voice 3
    Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World: Female Voice 1
    Duran Duran - The Reflex: Female Voice 2
    Men at Work - Land Down Under: Female Voice 3

    * If you buy all the stores in a chain, your face will show up on their Billboards as the new owner in whatever outfit you had on when first loading up the save.

    8198415 Big Willy's Cab: Taxi will arrive and you can pay a fare to transport immediately to any location
    5553473 Fire Department: Fire truck will arrive at player's location
    911 Emergency: Ambulance will arrive at player's location

    MISC PHONE NUMBERS (answering machine messages):
    5553597 Airport
    8198415 Big Willy's Cab
    5554233 Bling Bling
    5553765 Brown Baggers
    5552626 Cocks
    5554976 Company of Gyros
    5552453 Cycles
    0180174 EagleLine Yellow
    5552046 Foreign Power
    5554448 Forgive and Forget
    5556328 Freckle Bitch's
    5554867 Friendly Fire
    5557577 Giftshop
    5556677 HazMat
    5558459 Image as Designed
    5553248 Impression
    5552662 Leather and Lace
    5559467 Legal Lee's
    5555926 On The Rag
    5552564 On Thin Ice
    5557973 Police
    5557467 Pimps 'R Us
    5553493 Rim Jobs
    5558287 Rusty's Needle
    5557447 Ship It
    5552283 Spelunkers
    4876837 Suicide Hotline
    5559866 Tee'N'Ay
    4558008 TNA Taxis
    411 Ultor Security

    More Media

    Bugs Bloopers and Buns

    Stunt montage

    Movin Butt

    Wild N' Wacky world of Saints Row 2

    Wild N' Wacky world of Saints Row 2 Ep 2

    Take on Me Sung by all Voices

    Penny Arcade Saints Row 2 Game On

    Penny Arcade Saints Row 2 Game On Screenshot archive

    Donhonk has issues with women

    The Rocking Boat with Stormwatcher and Buttcleft

    Override367's Day Out

    Old Stuff

    The OG Saints Row 2 thread by Trevor

    The SR2 PC Game On Thread:

    The old broken Saints Row: The Third thread:

    The previous SRTT thread

    IdolNinja on
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    Guitar Hero Of TimeGuitar Hero Of Time Registered User regular
    heenato wrote:
    Magic Pink wrote:

    I can't imagine anyone choosing the other option in that mission.
    Except the other option is
    Burt Fucking Reynolds!

    I chose the mentioned "other option" but so far, have never been able to actually use it. Are there restrictions around when it can be used, and has anyone gotten it to work?

  • Options
    DecoyDecoy Registered User regular
    Guys, I collect glass unicorns.

    I feel better now getting that off my chest.

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    AlegisAlegis Impeckable Registered User regular
    this game


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    CadeCade Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    jdarksun wrote:
    jdarksun wrote:
    Cade wrote:
    Hmm, any one know what specific files are for the music, basically the in game car music?
    Maybe check this out?
    IdolNinja wrote:

    That did help! Mostly to show me what files were what so I deleted them and shall redownload, hopeful that will fix the issue.

    I only got the problem after I tried the darn radio in tank mod.

    Cade on
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    Fig-DFig-D Tustin, CA, USRegistered User regular
    Someone mentioned being able to get a Deckers outfit for the Boss at one point, how do I do this? Is it from Saintsbook? Because those missions and collectibles are the only things I have left to do.

    SteamID - Fig-D :: PSN - Fig-D
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    curly haired boycurly haired boy Your Friendly Neighborhood Torgue Dealer Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    the sticky bombs are frankly useless if you have the genki octopus launcher

    they octopi stick to everything, launch farther than you can throw, mind-control any non-special enemy, and can be detonated remotely at any time.

    curly haired boy on
    Registered just for the Mass Effect threads | Steam: click ^^^ | Origin: curlyhairedboy
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    CorriganXCorriganX Jacksonville, FLRegistered User regular
    Fig-D wrote:
    Someone mentioned being able to get a Deckers outfit for the Boss at one point, how do I do this? Is it from Saintsbook? Because those missions and collectibles are the only things I have left to do.

    Its an assassination mission, so yeah. From the Saintbook

    CorriganX on Steam and just about everywhere else.
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    CadeCade Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    Kenzie missions are the best ones, okay not all of them.

    I just find her a charming character and amazed the boss never shoots her.

  • Options
    heenatoheenato Alice Leywind Registered User regular
    Honestly, out of everything that I'm glad will be in Saints row the 4th, it's the fact that Kinzie will be there.

    M A G I K A Z A M
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    CadeCade Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    She had better be, she was the best new appearing character in the game. Well her and a certain person who has a crush on her.

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    Sir CarcassSir Carcass I have been shown the end of my world Round Rock, TXRegistered User regular
    Then in SR5 she can become a bitch and no one will care about her anymore! :rotate:

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    CadeCade Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    I expect by SR5 chances are the Saints will have become so big and the boss so twisted you'll likely have to tear it all down and put a cap in him to re make things right.

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    El FantasticoEl Fantastico Toronto, ONRegistered User regular
    Almost 100% done with all of the side activities. The last one I have to do is the Hard Trail Blazing (with the Toad). 12 check points, and the Toad drives like shit, not to mention sometimes I get 10 bonus seconds, and sometimes I get 2. I know I have to ram cars/people to get more points, or get lucky with those little fires on the ground, but finding the optimal route AND driving carefully enough is really wearing me down.

    I'm also 25/26 Survival missions. I just started Act 3, and I'm not sure if I should've already gotten that last one yet, or if it will happen near the end of the game, like the final 2 Assassination missions.

    PSN: TheArcadeBear
    Steam: TheArcadeBear

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    Skull2185Skull2185 Registered User regular
    Then in SR5 she can become a bitch and no one will care about her anymore! :rotate:



    Everyone has a price. Throw enough gold around and someone will risk disintegration.
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    heenatoheenato Alice Leywind Registered User regular
    Cade wrote:
    I expect by SR5 chances are the Saints will have become so big and the boss so twisted you'll likely have to tear it all down and put a cap in him to re make things right.
    Select your boss. Then select your gun.

    M A G I K A Z A M
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    BasilBasil Registered User regular
    I maintain that the Boss is actually the God-Emperor of mankind.

    Purple Space Marines up ins shortly.

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    CaptainNemoCaptainNemo Registered User regular
    The final mission of SR5 is you going back in time to arrange things to make you join the Saints.

    By SR7 your first crib is the Dark Tower.

    Shitty Tumblr:lighthouse1138.tumblr.com
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    BasilBasil Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    Man, my boss was just some random dopey faced mute arsehole and now look at him. Touched by the hand of god.

    Basil on
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    CadeCade Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    How about a Saints game in Russia!

    I want my bear mounts with machine guns.

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    Ah_PookAh_Pook Registered User regular
    I'm also 25/26 Survival missions. I just started Act 3, and I'm not sure if I should've already gotten that last one yet, or if it will happen near the end of the game, like the final 2 Assassination missions.

    the last one becomes available after a certain story mission in act 3

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    amnesiasoftamnesiasoft Thick Creamy Furry Registered User regular
    The final mission of SR5 is you going back in time to arrange things to make you join the Saints.

    By SR7 your first crib is the Dark Tower.
    Which will be the end of the series, but then we'll get a SR8 that's set between SR4 and SR5?

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    manwiththemachinegunmanwiththemachinegun METAL GEAR?! Registered User regular
    The Saints invade other genres, fantasy, science fiction, noir.

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    FencingsaxFencingsax It is difficult to get a man to understand, when his salary depends upon his not understanding GNU Terry PratchettRegistered User regular
    edited December 2011
    Man, I cannot wait for more mods.

    Also, I need to start using homies and explosives more.

    Fencingsax on
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    DiannaoChongDiannaoChong Registered User regular
    I mean, theres a specific point where saints row universe actually collides with red faction. they have said that ultor is the same in both universes. so we could actually see saints in space.

    what if in a new red faction game you go back in time to warn people about what happens. that overlaps into a saints game where you decide to turn mars into the new vegas, and control said city.

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    curly haired boycurly haired boy Your Friendly Neighborhood Torgue Dealer Registered User regular
    saints row in a city on mars would be AMAZING

    Registered just for the Mass Effect threads | Steam: click ^^^ | Origin: curlyhairedboy
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    DouglasDangerDouglasDanger PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
    I mean, theres a specific point where saints row universe actually collides with red faction. they have said that ultor is the same in both universes. so we could actually see saints in space.

    what if in a new red faction game you go back in time to warn people about what happens. that overlaps into a saints game where you decide to turn mars into the new vegas, and control said city.

    don't discount alternate sort of parallel realities

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    IdolNinjaIdolNinja Registered User regular
    Our Mission Replay mod for SRTT is out! :D

    You can grab it off my site linked in my sig. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

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    mastriusmastrius Registered User regular
    So uh. I don't know how long it's going to last but on amazon and also at Best Buy....

    Saints Row The Third for $39.99!!


    Fucking dammit man. I was totally hoping to save some goddamn money finally after this slew of asshole retardedness of great gaming. But no. Bought.....*sigh*..

    "You're like a kitten! A kitten who doesn't speak Japanese." ~ Juliet Starling
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    DrakeDrake Edgelord Trash Below the ecliptic plane.Registered User regular
    IdolNinja wrote:
    Our Mission Replay mod for SRTT is out! :D

    You can grab it off my site linked in my sig. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

    This is totally sweet.

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    ShutdownShutdown Registered User regular
    IdolNinja wrote:
    Our Mission Replay mod for SRTT is out! :D

    You can grab it off my site linked in my sig. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

    Truly you are a gentlemen and a saint. In the terms of this game that's an even better compliment than normal.

    Many thanks to you.

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    AddaAdda LondonRegistered User regular
    Fired this up briefly to check it out last night but will wait to properly play it until I can do co-op with a buddy. Am I going nuts or does the character creator have no clothing options? I didn't pre-order so I couldn't play with the demo creator but I saw no options for clothing when I hit the character creation part of the first mission.

    I want to know more PA people on Twitter.
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    heenatoheenato Alice Leywind Registered User regular
    saints row in a city on mars would be AMAZING
    Then you would TRULY be the space asshole.

    M A G I K A Z A M
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    AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened Optimist The Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
    Adda wrote:
    Fired this up briefly to check it out last night but will wait to properly play it until I can do co-op with a buddy. Am I going nuts or does the character creator have no clothing options? I didn't pre-order so I couldn't play with the demo creator but I saw no options for clothing when I hit the character creation part of the first mission.

    Correct. If you do the Initiation Station, you have access to about 80% of the clothing in the game. If you don't, then you have a "Default" set and have to buy your duds from the stores.

    In fact, if you download your character, you don't technically own the clothes you are wearing, so you could potentially lose them if you don't save the wardrobe and change your duds. Almost happened to me a couple of times, because my boss went through the game in a dress.

    He/Him | "A boat is always safest in the harbor, but that’s not why we build boats." | "If you run, you gain one. If you move forward, you gain two." - Suletta Mercury, G-Witch
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    WhoaFooglesWhoaFoogles Registered User regular
    So, any reliable method of getting the survival missions to pop? It's the last challenge I have to finish, and just running around waiting for those random cell phone calls isn't something I want to start doing. Are they tied to locations? Like, do I have to run around a specific area to trigger a call? And if I finish it, will I never get another call in that region? Not having a little tracker is incredibly annoying, especially since every other collectible/mission/property is tagged on the map at least superficially so completing them doesn't feel as grindy as other sandbox games do.

  • Options
    heenatoheenato Alice Leywind Registered User regular
    Oh man. I am so close to finishing the challenges...

    well, okay. I have like 20 left, but all of them are ALMOST done. It helps that I already finished all the gang ones, so I don't have to worry about those, and can just 100% the rest of the game in the meantime, doing the challenges when I get the chance.

    M A G I K A Z A M
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    Skull2185Skull2185 Registered User regular
    Distance traveled was the worst... mainly because I had to do it twice.

    2nd time, I just hopped in a VTOL and kept flying across the city till it auto turned me and I flew back the other way.

    Everyone has a price. Throw enough gold around and someone will risk disintegration.
  • Options
    heenatoheenato Alice Leywind Registered User regular
    I don't REALLY see how bad distance traveled can be. I'm at 2 million miles, so I only have another 500K to go, and I've still got to do all the activities, find all the collectables, and finish the rest of the challenges. That should be quite enough for that last stretch.

    M A G I K A Z A M
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    Skull2185Skull2185 Registered User regular
    Well, the first time I got it, I got it naturally. But I fucked myself out of the gang releated challenges, so I started a new game, ran through the story missions, but didn't worry about activities or collectables. I just ground out challenges. Distance traveled was the final one I had to complete, and after all the story missions and grinding out the rest of the challenges I was only at 1,300,000 feet or miles or whatever.

    Everyone has a price. Throw enough gold around and someone will risk disintegration.
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    CadeCade Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    Playing the game normally and I always get 2,000,000 pretty easy, it's just that last bit that needs to be done out some. But flying around usually works wonders for that as planes tend to get miles very well.

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