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Awesome: '[SW:TOR] Healer Thread - "Kolto Missile" is a real thing.' by Infidel

InfidelInfidel HereticRegistered User regular
edited December 2011 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
Alazull wrote:
At least three times the group I went in with (who weren't that great anyway, the Guardian finally decided after the first boss killed us three times that he needed to put his Guard on me, the healer) wiped due to them running and fighting something on the other side of an object, and me not being able to move fast enough to save them.
Entaru wrote:
I keep salivating over playing with the Scoundrel trees and planning out how to make the Kessel run in less parsecs while healing my team at the same time.

It all makes sense now. Smugglers do the Kessel run to train for healing derp allies.

parsecs = pug always runs somewhere else, can't see

When we share healer horror stories, you can use that term for how many wipes the noobs caused and blamed you for. "I ran DX in 2 parsecs." :P

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