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[Phalla] Serial Experiments: Soul Hackers [Finale: Reset - Draw Game!]

cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm RegentChantry of NightmaresRegistered User regular
edited December 2011 in Critical Failures
The year is 2097, a well-funded urban district known to its denizens as Amami City.


A global corporation known as Paradigm X has taken over every facet of the internet.


In so doing, they have offered users a brand new means of interface: true integral virtual reality,
which can be accessed at free-use computer terminals located all around the globe,
thanks to immense financial sponsorship by the Algon Software Corporation.

However, humanity took the bait for an immense ploy.
Some corporations are content with stealing the money of their clients.

Paradigm X traffics in souls.

And for those that hold power within Paradigm X, business is booming.


Fortunately, not all the citizens of Amami are as easily lead astray as the rest of the sheep.


A small but devout group known as The Spookies know that Paradigm X is up to no good, and intend to put a stop to their crimes: at any and all costs.

While their cause is noble, they know they aren't the only ones seeking to bring down Paradigm X.

There's other groups out there, with intentions not quite as noble.


They call themselves The Knights of the Eastern Calculus, and their goal?

Control of all knowledge, without exception. Where Paradigm X seeks to ration information and where The Spookies seek to set it free, The Knights wish to take it all for themselves: leaving humanity at large perpetually in the dark, away from truths they are far better off not knowing of.

This will be a largely traditional Phalla; factionally speaking.

-Each player will be a member of one of the aforementioned factions; Paradigm X, the Spookies, and the Knights of the Eastern Calculus.
-Each faction will have special roles distributed amongst them: Seers, Guardians, Vigilantes, and Hackers.
The flow of information within The Wired is readily accessible to all who utilize the network.
In using it to transfer data, you also run the risk of inadvertently sharing it.
So be wary of what you say, and especially of who you trust. Even, if not especially, privately.
-This will be a 30 player game. It's somewhat variable in the event unforeseen demand, but with the holidays coming, it's not likely.

Errata: as shown in Langly's Echo Bazaar game, I am also fond of the 'Ye Olde Style' custom theme for PA, to keep the Phalla colors readable, so I will be using traditional colors; red, green, orange, etc.

(Apologies to any Megatenists, but no, there will not be devil summoning involved.
At least, not in terms of roles.)

1. SlyM - Knights of the Eastern Calculus Vigilante, Deleted by Paradigm X Day 2
2. MrBlarney
3. Shiny New Toys - Paradigm X Seer, Erased by the Knights Day 4
4. The Anonymous
5. MrTLicious - Paradigm X Vigilante, Voted Out Day 4
6. daniant
7. Egos - Knight of the Eastern Calculus, Slain Day 1
8. corvidae - Knight of the Eastern Calculus Seer, Deleted by Paradigm X Day 5
9. Nirya
10. Void Slayer - Spookies Vigilante, Voted Out Day 2
11. warban - Paradigm X Corporatiom, Overrun by the Spookies Day 4
12. Cythraul - Knights of the Eastern Calculus Seer, Deleted by Paradigm X Day 4
13. Teucrian - Spookies Youth, Overrun by The Spookies Day 2
14. jdarksun - Paradigm X Vigilante, Erased by The Knights Day 2
15. Retaba - Knight of the Eastern Calculus, Voted Out Day 1
16. REG Rysk - Paradigm X Vigilante, Voted Out Day 5
17. Bedlam - Paradigm X Corporation, Slain Day 1
18. Tayrun - Paradigm X Corporation, Overrun by The Spookies Day 5
19. Capfalcon
20. CaptainPlanet82 - Paradigm X Guardian, Erased by The Knights Day 5
21. stever777 - Spookies Hacker, Deleted by Paradigm X Day 2
22. SeGaTai - Spookies Youth, Deleted by Paradigm X Day 2
23. lonelyahava - Paradigm X Corporation, Overrun by The Spookies Day 3
24. Cayrus - Spookies Youth, Voted Out Day 3
25. Matev - Knight of the Eastern Calculus, removed for inactivity Day 3
26. Lucedes - Paradigm X Corporation, Slain Day 1
27. Citizen
28. Tiphareth - Knight of the Eastern Calculus, removed for inactivity Day 3
29. [strike]JaysonFour[/strike] kime
30. 38thDoe

Well, good morning. Welcome to the new scenario. What should we do today?
cj iwakura on


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