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[Phalla] Serial Experiments: Soul Hackers [Finale: Reset - Draw Game!]



  • daniantdaniant Registered User regular
    I feel bad I sold out Cayrus. But I made up for it by saving us from death. Also, Cayrus claimed knight, soooo...

  • CayrusCayrus Registered User regular
    Did I claim knight? You kept asking if I was a gentleman and I had no idea what that meant, so I said yes, lol.

    Former Secret Service Agent Nathaniel Ford in Call of Cthulhu: Whispers in the Darkness

    Henri Emmanuel Gratien St Pierre in Where No Man Has Gone Before

    Lord Augustus Cumberbatch in Eclipse Phase
  • corvidaecorvidae Registered User regular
    daniant wrote:

    These are the PMs between me and corvidae. They should explain a lot. I don't know why we did what we did. But I didn't know anyone from my team until
    I revealed, so I put a lot of trust in corvidae at the start. By his death I trusted him more than anyone but Nirya and kime.

    it's actually easy to understand, both of us were under the gun, expecting to die. it was the only rational thing to do.

    as an aside, if i didn't think that play was gonna be suspended for the holidays, i would not have advocated for the tie so much.

  • corvidaecorvidae Registered User regular
    MrTLicious wrote:
    I stand by the decision give the information I had. cj said there was a majority faction (as opposed to plurality). I probably could/should have gotten it clarified, but it also ended up working well for us in the end. We got 3 days of immunity, basically, where I was the only one that realized that we were not in fact a majority, and got as close to a victory as could have been hoped for in this game.

    well, with the sheer amount of inactivus/barelyactivus in this one, we might have had a better idea of the faction ratios. as it was, we could only get the anti-nets rolling on day 4.

  • MrTLiciousMrTLicious Registered User regular
    No doubt, my actions had no business working in a game where people were paying attention. I was just saying that they almost did, by luck. It was totally on me for jumping to conclusions, but luckily almost everyone else in the game made the same leap and it ended up being not so disastrous. Also, being the vig was not a valuable position - it just got transferred to someone else. Being vig and being vanilla were the same value in terms of being a target, at least until end game.

  • daniantdaniant Registered User regular
    Cayrus wrote:
    Did I claim knight? You kept asking if I was a gentleman and I had no idea what that meant, so I said yes, lol.

    I thought you might be acting cagey because of the hacker thing so I tried using code. Gentleman=lesser noble=knight.

  • RetabaRetaba A Cultist Registered User regular
    These past two games have taught me that Cythraul and I have trust issues.

  • CythraulCythraul Registered User regular
    Haha yeah, just a wee bit :P

    Confusion will be my epitaph
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