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Solium Infernum: It's like Civilization in Hell!

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My lord, I bring you fantastic news!


Satan has abdicated the Throne of Hell.


The entirety of the Infernal Conclave is scrambling to find a new monarch. Now is your moment, my lord. Seize what is rightfully yours.


Marshal your legions to conquer your foes who foolish refuse your demands.


Crush your pitiful rivals' champions in single combat.


But, before you march on your foes, consult the works of those who came before you. Even as inferior as they are, they may prove to be of some help to you.


Rock Paper Shotgun
Quinns's review at Game Set Watch
Troy Goodfellow's review at Crispy Gamer

In fact, you may wish to review the events following the last time such an abdication occurred.

While I'm sure that his excellency knows how the machinations of those beneath him work, it may be wise to peruse the Infernal Conclave's rules and regulations here. If you wish to explain it to you simpler underlings, there is a condensed version over here.

But, before you go, my lord, just remember.

I never really was on your side.

Solium Infernum is a game where you try to be evil enough to become the new Satan. It's made by Vic Davis, who seems like a pretty awesome guy. He's made a few other games that are also awesome, but this here thread is about Solium Infernum. Quick disclaimer, if you don't have this game already, play the demo to see if it's for you. But first, READ THE MANUAL. This game hates you, it has no tutorial, no tool tips, and no trail of breadcrumbs leading you to your next objective.

The AI, while having gotten better in since the original release, is no match for a human mind. So, let's get some games going. If you want in my game PM me your email address and whether or not you need a Wave invite. Game slots are first come first serve. Once my game is full someone is welcome to host a new one and I'll add the info to the OP so we can keep track if you want.

Please make sure you have read the manual and understand the basics of the game before you sign up. Play a few single player games (They move fast, and you can set it to short so you're not completely unprepared for real players. If you do find yourself getting destroyed try to stick it out, things can change pretty quickly in SI, and maybe you can become a blood vassal and try for second place. If you just can't handle it you can turn your fiend over to the AI, but that's no fun for anybody.

Super Handy SI Cheat Sheet[/quote]

Also, to get some of you proto-fiends started, here's some builds for your avatar.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not claiming these are great, or even good. Just that they're functional.

Overwhelming Combat Strength
Marquis of Hell (Your demands and insults need some teeth if you're ever going to declare war on someone)
Lust (Probably not going to eat enough souls to clear Gluttony)
M 1 / C 0 / I 0 / W 0 / Cha 2
Master Archer, Master of the Sword

1. Rank up your Martial Skill to turn all of your legions into unstoppable killing machines
2. Make demands against people you could crush with your military (I.E. Everyone who has a border with you.)
3. Pump your Int if someone starts using Deceit against you.
4. Reign in hell!

Money, Money, Money
Baron of Hell (Don't really have a better place to put the 3 points)
Glutteny (If you're doing this build right, it's pretty much free prestege)
M 0 / C 1 / I 1 / W 0 / Cha 3
Devoted Minions OR Infernal Cardinal

1. Rank up Cha to 4
2. Rank up whatever the hell you want so you can get more orders (Int default, so you won't get robbed blind)
3. Buy all the bling ever.
4. Reign in hell!

Game 1
1. Capfalcon

This was OP was adapted from Drool's old OP.

Capfalcon on


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