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  • initiatefailureinitiatefailure Registered User regular
    woo 503s again!

    I Do Design | I PSN- Subtle_Ties | 3DS: 3840-5210-2008 (Subtle)
  • DekuStickDekuStick Registered User regular
    Nothing I'm too excited about today. Unless I should be? Anyone have glowing praises for any of these dailies?

  • bloodatonementbloodatonement Registered User regular
    Arkham City DLC is 1/2 off. Hmm, kinda pissed at that game right now.

    Steam ID: Good Life
  • TheCanManTheCanMan Registered User regular
    CanMan friend me. I have dungeons of dredmor for you

    As of last night we already are?

    Also, who is oneangrypossum is? I see you have a couple fellow PA friends and a gift thank you from Darlan, so I'm not questioning your legitimacy. I'm just curious who you are.

  • striderjgstriderjg Registered User regular
    Btw, anyone else already join the holiday group and NOT gotten the cheevo

  • Erin The RedErin The Red The Name's Erin! Woman, Podcaster, Dungeon Master, IT nerd, Parent, Trans. AMA Baton Rouge, LARegistered User regular
    should we get a 4-pack going on payday? 30/4 = 7.50?
    thats like an extra NUMBER percent off!

  • minor incidentminor incident Helen Keller to the bullshit Registered User regular
    Steam: minor incident || PSN: inter-punct
    You may not find all that you're after. In the end I hope it doesn't matter.
  • OneAngryPossumOneAngryPossum Registered User regular
    I had to rejoin to get the holiday group achievement. Or maybe I could have waited 5 minutes and not assisted in the destruction of steam. The group number grew by 20k in about 2 seconds.

  • striderjgstriderjg Registered User regular
    DekuStick wrote:
    Nothing I'm too excited about today. Unless I should be? Anyone have glowing praises for any of these dailies?

    if you don't have it (sure you do) stalker is one of the best games I've played.

  • darklite_xdarklite_x I'm not an r-tard... Registered User regular
    Ugh, I need to get Payday and Jurassic Park, but those deals aren't that amazing.

    Steam ID: darklite_x Xbox Gamertag: Darklite 37 PSN:Rage_Kage_37 Battle.Net:darklite#2197
  • SniperGuySniperGuy SniperGuyGaming Registered User regular
    I would definitely be up for one of a 4 pack of payday, if someone wants to do that. But definitely getting the defense grid DLC, love me some Glados.

    Twitch Streaming basically all week
    SniperGuyGaming on PSN / SniperGuy710 on Xbone Live
  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    Today's; join the giveaway group.

    Which I'm already a member of.

    My already-got Payday achievement is pre-popped, but the group one isn't. FUN TIMES.

    Oh brilliant
  • jclastjclast Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    Podunk wrote:
    Defense Grid: You Monster DLC for $1.24! Sold!
    I'm buying that as soon as it'll let me. Thanks for pointing it out! I'd been waiting for something to use the $1.32 in my Steam wallet on, and I loves me some Defense Grid. :)

    jclast on
  • starmanbrandstarmanbrand Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    Also guys, if you want a fun city builder? Tropico 4 is hard to beat. It has a campaign mode, which modern builders seem to lack?, and it has a ton of humor. Its not superduper crazy deep (Build a power plant, a certain radius gets power. no building power lines or anything), but it is fun and the politics make it really interesting. You going to help out Europe because they give you a ton of trade money, but the action will piss off America who are not assassinating you?

    Is it a good time for someone looking for a moderately casual Sim City experience?

    I think so? But I havent spent a lot of time with a simcity game in a while. If you tell me what you like about Sim City I can compare it. It definitely is a lot more casual than simcity. It lacks a lot of the super tiny tweaks of simcity like tax rates and also no complex infrastructure (Pretty much just take care of roads).

    The main draw of the game (for me) is you have to keep everyone happy, including other countries. If you piss off major powers like US or Russia, they can invade and replace you. If you piss of countries like Japan, they wont invade you but they can put up trade embargos and things like that. From the interior, you could piss off local faction leaders and spawn a rebellion. If you don't take care of your people's needs, they will be more likely to join factions.

    Oh also a lot of the fun comes from being a dictator. If a rebellion starts? Its very easy to hire your secret police to kill the leaders. You'll lose respect from the faction, but the rebellion will also probably stop. Need more uneducated works to fill up your farms? Announce an edict that bans contraception on the island and open your immigration to anyone!

    starmanbrand on
  • ExcisionExcision Old Sport Registered User regular
    Is the STALKER bundle worth it?

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