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[Let's Play] Penumbra: Overture w/Facecam - Even Devil Puppies Are Still Puppies

BloodAngelBloodAngel Registered User
edited December 2011 in Games and Technology
Hello Penny Arcade, and welcome to my Let's Play of Penumbra: Overture! These are the guys that made Black Plague and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, so pretty much, the masters of video game horror. This game was a starting point, unfortunately not QUITE as scary as it could have been, due to the addition of weapons to help defend your character, Philip, against the evil puppies, giant spiders, Freud worms, and much, much more. Not really that much more, but oh well. This is a video and voice commentary playthrough, and semi-blind (seen a playthrough, never played it). Also, this series will have a Facecam, meaning a simultaneous recording of my facial reactions to the game while I play it. Basically, you get to see me jump and cry :D I hope you enjoy! Have an amazing, lovely day.

Youtube Playlist: (Updated once a day, one video a day)

BloodAngel on
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