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Water Galaxy - Indie game - Released!

WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
edited December 2011 in Games and Technology

(Note: We do have permission for this topic)


We (Wired Games) would like to present Water Galaxy. It's really a labour of love and we are very proud of our baby.

Water Galaxy is a 2D gravity based puzzle game.
The Saphira people are in need of water, and all galaxies are running out. It is your task to use gravity fields to guide water from other planets to the Mothership., which transports the water back to the Saphira. Throughout the galaxies you encounter wormholes, poisonous gas clouds, mysterious force fields and many more challenges.

Key features

-over 50 levels in 9 different galaxies
-Includes the extensive level editor that was used to build the levels.
-Share all your levels online
-Full HD graphics
-6 full unique soundtracks
-Clear tutorial
-Easy to learn, hard to master


951abc165449660.jpg 16c796165449671.jpg 723946165449687.jpg 217d4f165449704.jpg

Available over at indieVania for 4$
(Available this Wednesday)

To get this topic started, we will be giving away a copy to the first person to reply here and PM us, even if you do so before this Wednesday!

More information about Water Galaxy and Wired Games:

Best regards,
Arthur Brussee

WiredGames on


  • Hahnsoo1Hahnsoo1 Make Ready. We Hunt.Registered User regular
    Hey, I got the free copy! Yay! I'll be sure to play it soon, and come back here with my first impressions.

    PSN: Hahnsoo | MHGU: Hahnsoo, Switch FC: SW-0085-2679-5212
  • CygnusZCygnusZ Registered User regular

  • KafkaAUKafkaAU Western AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Will this be available on mobile platforms?

    Origin: KafkaAU B-Net: Kafka#1778
  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    @CygnusZ We will post a demo on the day it's released, this Wednsday. It will contain the tutorial galaxy, and a galaxy with a selction of levels. You will also get acces to the editor and the custom levels people created!

    @KafkaAU: We would really like to do this. Unfortunatly, the software we used to create this game (we had to use it for a couple of reasons) doesn't have an iOs or Android option. It will support that in the future however, or we might port it manually. Short answer: Not now, but sometimes in the future.

  • DyvionDyvion Baking in AZRegistered User regular
    I was expecting something more along the lines of Solar (which I love!). This seems kinda like Rocket Bunnies, without the spiders. Excellent first? jaunt into the gaming world, I look forward to seeing more from you guys.

    Steam: No Safety In Life
    Magic Online: Dyvion -- Eternal: Dyvion+9393 -- Hex: FortyTwo
  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    Thank you Dyvion :) It looks a bit like Rocket bunnies but plays differently. Be sure to check out the demo tommorow.

    In other news:
    Indie Game magazine did a short story about Water Galaxy:

    More articles and videos coming soon!

  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    Water Galaxy has been released!

    You can get it over here:

    And there is also a demo available there!

    Post your thoughts here.

  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    Noone in for some free demo action?

    (triple posting, I'm going to forum hell)

  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    I think I need to give a workshop on "how to market your indie game". We have sold exactly 1 (!) copy so far!

    Maybe we should make a charity fund for indies without sales. You can donate over here: :)

  • BloodySlothBloodySloth Registered User regular
    I just downloaded the demo, I'll hopefully get to try it out later today when I have some time. Looks interesting.

  • TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosi Registered User regular
    I was actually trying to remember this thread cause I figured I'd give it a try when it was actually released, but I couldn't remember the name of the game or anything about it. Fortunately this thread was right on the front page. Gonna snag the demo.

  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    Ah, great :) Looking forward to your thoughts!

  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    First review is in!

    Check it out:

    Water Galaxy is a financial failure, but hey, I'm proud of it, it was fun to make, and this review is positive :)

  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    And so is the second

    very, very posititve review. If you are in doubt whether to buy Water Galaxy, you should read this ;-)

  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    And a third review from a somewhat bigger site, IndieGameMagazine:

    Very positive as well :)

  • CantidoCantido Registered User regular
    Happy to see some legit and awesome game pimping. I'm in when I get home from work.

    3DS Friendcode 5413-1311-3767
  • WiredGamesWiredGames Registered User
    awesome :)

    In other news, Water Galaxy is now on indieCity as well:

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