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Awesome: '[Primary 2012] Mormonism might not sink Romney, but it sa...' by Form of Monkey!

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We hope this e-mail finds you well this holiday season.

This time of year, we gather with family and loved ones to celebrate and reflect on those things that bring us together.

But Obama’s billion-dollar political machine sees things differently. Even during the holiday season, they aren’t straying from their “kill Romney” campaign.

Their latest effort asks supporters to “have a little fun at the expense of a Republican by letting them know they inspired you to make a donation to the Obama campaign.” But why? “It will drive them nuts!”

Facing record unemployment and debt as a result of President Obama’s failed leadership, the White House has resorted to pitting Democrats against Republicans, asking them to engage friends and relatives in political attacks during the holidays.

Long gone is the campaign that preached “hope and change” and railed against those that “slice and dice our country into red states and blue states.” This divisive rhetoric is an unnecessary reminder that we can’t afford four more years of President Obama.

They asked for a $3 donation. Show the White House that they’ve inspired you to donate $5:


Just last weekend, President Obama said that fixing this economy is a job that is too large for one president to accomplish. He’s right.

It’s going to take a new president to get America back to work.


Matt Rhoades

Dear Mr. Rhoades,

Thank you for your kind letter during this Christmas season. Here are some interesting things I've learned by reading it:

1. President Obama wants to literally kill Mitt Romney. He wants to end his life! That's the only logic that makes sense here, because Mr. Obama has been too busy running the country for Mitt Romney to even mention Romney by name. Ah, the better to distance himself from the crime. It's all making sense now.

2. I want to square with you, Mr. Rhoades. I got an email from the Obama campaign as well, but they just wanted a little cash from me. I didn't realize they also wanted me to pick a fight with my racist old grandmother who watches Fox News religiously and uses words like "colored" in polite company. I will get on this right away.

3. I was not aware that pointing out that somebody is using divisive rhetoric, and calling on all Americans to come together during the holidays is itself divisive. But then again, I'm often astounded by new things all the time. Have you seen these compact discs yet? They've got music on them! This is truly a wondrous time.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I've followed your directions, and went ahead and showed the White House that they've inspired me to donate $5 to President Obama.

Yours in Christ,



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