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[Super Monday Night Combat] Blitz mode is out.



  • KetchKetch Registered User
    edited July 2012
    Well that's a bummer... I joined the group, but I also sent out some friend requests to people in this thread.. So hopefully we can team up and play sometime.

    Edit: Also if you want to send me a friend request, you can find me on steam here.

    Ketch on
  • cptruggedcptrugged Time Dilated Registered User regular
    Bah, more Megabeth nerfs. I do not find these endearing in the least.

  • LepwaveLepwave Registered User regular
    To be fair, Megabeth is god damn ridiculous even after nerfs.

    XBL/CoX tags - Lepwave/@Lepwave
  • cptruggedcptrugged Time Dilated Registered User regular
    I guess my problem is that its not like its super easy to direct hit with rockets. The splash is really what gives it any umph at all IMO. Was the splash fall off from the earlier nerf not enough?

  • pablo_pricepablo_price Registered User regular
    megabeth is just the flavor of the month for bads to whine about.
    if the commandos are any indication, she'll get bumped back up in a couple month once people are obsessed with someone else being "no skill, so OP"

  • ThatDudeOverThereThatDudeOverThere Clock King Registered User regular
    edited August 2012
    bumping because blitz is finally out and it's great

    though the blitz-only super items are bugged and are currently not blitz-only and it's kind of fucked the other modes entirely until they can patch it

    edit: nevermind, it was fixed

    ThatDudeOverThere on
  • Mojo_JojoMojo_Jojo But do you really believe him? Registered User regular
    What is blitz?

    Homogeneous distribution of your varieties of amuse-gueule
  • LepwaveLepwave Registered User regular
    Do you earn any CC in blitz?

    XBL/CoX tags - Lepwave/@Lepwave
  • StericaSterica Wow! That was shit.Registered User, Moderator mod
    Yes. We got ~65 in our game that ended around wave 49, and ~120 in one that ended at wave 93.

    You get experience too, but it is barely better than a custom match. Around 100.

  • EvilBadmanEvilBadman DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN Registered User regular
    I'm compiling a strategy post on the main SMNC forums, complete with a quick and dirty map. Instead of making you click through, I'll post it here.

    Click for Bigger
    Not labelled: 4 Ejectors on Upper Ring, Money Ball Heal Vendor (Blitz Tokens), Turret Healer (Blitz Tokens)

    FyreWulff wrote: »
    I should note that Badman is fucking awesome
    XBL- Evil Badman; Steam- EvilBadman; Twitter - EvilBadman
  • CymrilCymril Registered User regular
    So I started playing this. Enjoying it so far, but I was wondering if there's a place I can see the layout of all the maps because I'm having trouble finding the Regenitol terminals on most maps.

    Shut up Francis. Something about Vietnam. Horseshit.

    D3: Cymril#1411 || League of Legends/Steam/Xbox/Origin: Cymril
  • KarozKaroz Registered User regular
    Haven't been playing at all but got the blitz email with free tokens and boost. Not sure if anyone else can use it but here it is:


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