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I'm currently developing a game to go along with my webcomic(Pixel Failure), and I'm looking for some feedback on how the art looks. This is the first time I've attempted to make a game of any sort, so be gentle. :P

I did all of the art in this video(Using Photoshop CS5) except for the furniture in the bedroom, and the Mirror in the bathroom. Those were from a preset tile sheet, although I've finished them now. I am using RPGVX to develop the game.


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    Arden CaneloArden Canelo Registered User regular
    Well I would like some sound first of all. The text goes by really fast, almost too fast to read. The couch in the living room seems very flat and too big for the character. The shower in the bathroom isn't in perspectivet. I would recommend looking at more pixel games that have a similar style to what you're shooting for and study how they look some more.

    I'm sure you're going for something much more simple looking, but here's a screen from Chrono Trigger to show you what I mean about the perspective.

    I hope this helps some ;-)

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    m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    The style of the textures don't match. For instance the red carpet doesn't match very well with the very sharply floorboards. Texture consistency does a lot for pixel games so be sure to keep it in the same style. I'd recommend looking up some tutorials for hand painted textures. Like this one for starters http://www.smileybones.com/2010/03/17/tutorial-01-hand-painted-textures/ although it's for a far bigger res than what your textures need it's got some basics you might need.

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    bitpixelbitpixel Cartoonist Cumming, GARegistered User regular
    @Arden Canelo, Yeah, the sound will be coming eventually. I want to get the basic art down before I start adding the music and whatnot. I completely agree with you about the perspective. I'll definitely have to go back and re-edit the furniture. By the way, I looove Chrono Trigger, but you are right, I'm going for something much more simple then that. It really is a perfect example of top down perspective though.

    @m3nace, Ok, I see what you mean. I was trying to play around with some textures for the hardwood, but nothing really ended up looking like hardwood... I'll have to look around for some tutorials. Thank you for sharing that other one. It looked very nice, and I'll definitely have to utilize that when I do some brick textures.

    I'll get to work on these edits, and post some pictures when it's ready. Thank you both! Very helpful critiques. :D

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