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[Let's Play] Shadowman (N64) - Part 23: For We Are Many!

atat23atat23 Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Games and Technology

'Tis the season of giving and I would like to give back to the oh so great penny arcade community with my let's play of the most seasonally fitting game I could think of. So happy Kwanzaa everyone and I hope you enjoy my run through of Shadowman, one of the best games ever (if we count only the games with black protagonists that is).

I'd recommend watching it in large version because that's pretty much the size of screen i played it on. I would have changed it to youtube resolution but I think it looks better in it's original screen ratios, as black Jesus intended.

Anyway enough racism, to the videos:

Part 1: Come on Slow poke! Part 2: Asson Around Part 3: Mike's Poetry Corner Part 4: Sister Act Part 5: Black Spiderman vs The Batmen Part 6: Flamburger Part 7: You shall not pass! Part 8: The RAGEways Part 9: The Re-play rooms Part 10: Anus Doors Part 11: Mike's Tramp Stamp Part 12: Let There be Dark Part 13: Confused???? Part 14: Lava Diving Part 15: Copyright Infringement Part 16: Bloodshot has a tight butt Part 17: Round and round we go Part 18: Soulshank Redemption Part 19: We're off to see the Lizard Part 20: Samurai Jack Part 21: The Underbark Part 22: Your momma kisses me Part 23: For We Are Many!

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