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Henroid has whiskey and rage

HenroidHenroid Mexican kicked from Immigration ThreadCentrism is Racism :3Registered User regular
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So I was dating a girl a few years ago. Got about two years into things and she broke up with me, day after Christmas. It was bad for the first couple of weeks, but not long after that things started to carry on as if it didn't happen. Only she would occasionally abruptly remind m of it. Or I would do the reminding. The first year actually wasn't bad a tall because we still acted as if we were a couple.

I dragged my sorry ass to Portland, moving across the country, to make it work out. Hell it was the plan all along and there was a chanc things would get better. Like they were suppose to. I ignored all the shit about job scarcity for the city. Wen out and did my best. And what happens? No job. I even had one job I had interviewed for taken by someone on this forum! What a small fucking world huh?

I drag my ass back to Tehas, tail between my legs, and work on getting my shit togethr, and then she just kinda falls off the radar. This weird trend has continued now for oh a year and a half where I speka to her bi-monthly. But her twitter usage is under the same pattern, so I mean, it can't be me right?

So this past month she's promised on a couple occassions when we did talk to spend some time together, even though that's kinda hard to do on the net but eh, we has our ways. Last night was actually suppose to be the second of those two promised times. I thought nothing of it, since it was Christmas and all. But tonight she's not around again, on our D-Day anniversary. And y'know what? I'm starting to think that maybe she's a bitch. Maybe I hate her fucking guts, maybe I'm mad that me paking up and moving against the odds wasn't enough to make her realize I was actually trying for her. Maybe she's an unappreciative jerk.

Or maybe she's every bit the sweet heart I know her as, nervous of the world, busy with fmaily more than I give her credit for. Maybe I"m just a selfish piece of shit. Maybe after three years I should let go even though it will hurt her and hurt me. Or is it hurting her at all? I can tell when we talk there is some, when I start leaning on some resentment or regret.

Who knows. All I know is this whiskey is smokey.

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    ButtlordButtlord Fornicus Lord of Bondage and PainRegistered User regular
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    Bang some strippers

    See how she reacts

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    quit drunkposting

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