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Awesome: 'PA comic: Monday December 26, 2011 - Good Data' by Gaslight

GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
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Just fired off a quick little e-mail...
From: [Redacted]
To: info@avengercontroller.com

I suggest that you conduct a review with all of your company employees and contractors on the topic of proper measures they should take in order to protect the security of their e-mail accounts, especially when logging in to said account on personal or home PC's.

Based on the e-mails ostensibly sent by one Paul Christoforo to a customer asking about his pre-order and to Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade (since made public on numerous industry websites), I can only conclude that one of Mr. Christoforo's children, perhaps in the age range of 10-13 years, somehow gained access to his account and maliciously impersonated him in the aforementioned correspondence. Surely no adult employed in the fields of marketing, PR, or customer service would embarrass himself and his company by behaving in such a rude and immature way.

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The bacteria in your poop exist everywhere.
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