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CircleBlockerCircleBlocker Registered User
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hey guys, just joined the site, been lurking for a year or so. So yeah, i doodle. Taught myself for the past few years(im 23). hoping to go on to do character design/storyboarding but i enjoy writing & animation too. Also writing a script for a movie about chocolate so i'll be storyboarding that through 2012 and then looking for funding. hurp dee burp. Here are some of my doodles :)


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  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Is the big chocolates likeness to poo intentional, or an unfortunate side effect? If its not tongue in cheek, I don't know how much I would poor my time into something that either is or could be made fun of as a giant poo joke. If you are legit trying to make a kids movie about some chocolate, I suggest one of the many iconic candy shapes for your main character. Not only is a formless blob turd like, its pretty boring.

    Your long legged pig and your very last sketch have a nice quality to them. I like them over the digital stuff, right now. I'm sensing some hand/feet avoidance, though, where you dont have super bubbly fingers you have barely any at all, and there's alo't of socks. Don't avoid anything, find reference and study it. You also really like that wide-eyed expression, which granted is a really popular visual for kids movies, especially in 3d, but I would expand your expression bank.

    Hope none of that comes off as discouraging, that last sketch is great, and I think you'll have some awesome shapes in your drawings as you develop!

  • CircleBlockerCircleBlocker Registered User
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    haha, no thats cool. the poo actually has arms & legs. im still designing the turd. :D
    i have more doodles of different designs but im working through them
    i've gotten that response from a friend before, cheers

    Not discouraging, i enjoy a good smack around the face. been missing a good crit. thanks. Funny thing about the expressions. i wasn't catching onto that. noted.
    i shall have some hands & feet for you tomorrow sir! lady person!

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  • CircleBlockerCircleBlocker Registered User
    a few quick doodles in bed last night. quick fire doodle juice!

  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    Welcome to the AC! I love your character designs. The lady sitting at her computer and the blue pencil sketch toward the bottom are my favorites so far.

    Since you said you're self taught (very impressive) I have to ask, when did you get started and what resources did you use to get the look you have now?

    Arch wrote: »

    I never expected this burn from captain bushmeat
  • CircleBlockerCircleBlocker Registered User
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    hey thanks amateurhour :)

    um, well in school i just always drew characters and made stories for them with a friend. i was meant to go to college here but i was sick so i taught myself for that year, and it worked out, i saw improvement so i kept at it. Most of it is just practice. you look back at your work and see others peoples stuff and you want to improve, so you surround yourself with great art. i started drawing basic shapes, sphere, cones, cubes in all different angles. getting a feel for shapes, and merging shapes together. now its about putting muscles inside the blobs i made, getting more movement & action into them now i know how they're constructed.

    i got 5 of Andrew Loomis' books. (free on the interwebs) flicked through bits of them. I bought

    which are fantastic. drawn to life especially. It's a collection of notes for drawing, illusion of life is great too-includes a lot of disney backstory, but its still a good read.

    Other than that, practice, cake & icecream sleeps.

    i have doodles over the past few years logged on blogspot. since i got a tablet.

    edit:oh and the animation podcast. listening to people like Eric Goldberg(animated Alladins Genie) talk about how they started is great. brilliant show

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  • CircleBlockerCircleBlocker Registered User
    5min squiggle

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  • CircleBlockerCircleBlocker Registered User
    little update. had a few annoyances. still figuring it out

  • CrabomancerCrabomancer Registered User
    Wow, there's some great stuff here. I definitely love your poses, and character design. You really manage to capture life in your sketches. What is your secret?

    Also, the last chicken looks like he's telling the world to "suck it" a la Tripple H. It made me chuckle.

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