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RedDeliciousRedDelicious Registered User regular
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  • EshEsh Tending bar. FFXIV. Motorcycles. Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    United States Postal Service. Media mail for DVDs or books will work best. Cheap and doesn't take too long to get where it's going.

  • Skoal CatSkoal Cat Registered User
    Don't forget tracking

    ceres wrote: »
    Skoal Cat is correct.
  • SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
    Another vote for USPS. I usually offer free shipping (and thus, use standard shipping, no tracking, the cheapest option).

    Orca wrote: »
    Synthesis wrote:
    Isn't "Your sarcasm makes me wet," the highest compliment an Abh can pay a human?

    Only if said Abh is a member of the nobility.
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