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Netgear Problems.

ZilasZilas Registered User new member
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Hello. So I use to just have Internet In a router so not wireless or anything but since I moved, The new house coulnt do that, So I had to go wireless, Netgear.. Now since I have netgear, I started having lag In my games. I can play the games with no problems for a few minutes, But then I always get short lagspikes, Mostly like 2seconds.. Example, League of legends. I have the same problem on highest graphics or lowest graphics, If I like move with my character to a spot, Then want to go back, He still goes to the first spot I marked, FOr 2seconds, Then he returns, A.k.a doesnt listen to me directly, Which is because of my internet. My brother uses It too, But he has no problems atm. So I'm really clueless why this Is so. Also checked my pc out on some site and i should be running League of legends with good experience, and i do, i just lag every now and then (which really screw me up) any help would be really aprecciated because as of right now i cant play any game at all without lagging in it.

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    ToxTox I kill threads he/himRegistered User regular
    There's not really a whole lot here to go on.

    Does your new router have the latest firmware available?

    Is your wireless adapter for your computer configured to best work with your situation? (ie- do you have it set to conserve power even though your laptop is always plugged in, etc)

    Have you tried connecting to the new router by wire and testing the connection that way, and comparing your experience?

    When you say your brother doesn't have the same problems, is he also connecting to your router wirelessly? If not, his experience is invalid as it's a completely different situation.

    There's a lot of different things you can do and try, but I'm not terribly familiar with Netgear, so I can't be too super helpful.

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    DraygoDraygo Registered User regular
    League of legends does not like any kind of packet loss. Packet loss issues can definatly cause lag spikes to occur. To troubleshoot if it is your wireless connection causing the issues you will need to wire in to bypass it. If you are still experiencing problems wired in then you will have to look at your modem. Modem lifespans can vary but ive seen issues with them in the 5-7 year timeframe. Beyond that it depends on what service you have. Old wires can cause issues in themselves, and splitters for cables have gone bad. And then there is outside wireing that is exposed to the elements.. etc.

    One way to check if you have stability problems is to open a command prompt and type ping -t

    it will ping till it is stopped with ctrl+c. You can run this while you play, watch for any time outs or ping spikes like this:

    153ms <--- this could indicate a problem

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    ToxTox I kill threads he/himRegistered User regular
    Also if you do wire-in to test the connection speeds that way, make sure you disable your wireless adapter on your computer when you conduct this test, otherwise you may still have problems.

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