So i do sigs. And digital art too?

BotznoyBotznoy Registered User regular
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So i've spent.. a long time 6 or so years doing photoshop. Sigs and all that jazz and for the most part lately i've kind of stopped doing it.

But all of a sudden, I felt inspired to do some sigs. I'm so far out of touch with modern sig styles but hey, that's how it goes.

So look through the four i've just done over the past two days, critique, enjoy. Use them for yourself, i don't mind.

(And i know that only one has a border, i'm incredibly lazy and forget to do it most of the time)






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    DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator Mod Emeritus
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    So you're taking existing game art and adding some layers of stuff to it? What exactly is the process here?

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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    What, uh, what do you want us to critique here?

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    m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
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    Just a quick heads up (blatantly exposing what the above are insinuating): on these forums we share our original artwork for crits, original as in made from scratch. I mean, it'd be fine if you did matte painting incorporating an amount of elements from photos but not this stuff.

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    DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator Mod Emeritus
    I'm not trying to dismiss it out of hand. I'd just like to know if there's more involved here than just layering game art with some textures or brushes. They look nice enough but it seems like most of the heavy lifting is being done by the original artists.

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    MagicToasterMagicToaster JapanRegistered User regular
    All these sigs look the same, dark and grungy. Do you have anything in another style?

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    (ohms)Crunchy(ohms)Crunchy Registered User regular
    There is nothing to critique here because it feels like I've seen them before, thousands of times.

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    CrabomancerCrabomancer Registered User regular
    Some people actually digitally paint the backgrounds for sigs that use stock images, or the entire subject if it's stockless. If that is the case, then there would be something to critique. These seem like they're mostly photomanipulation and brush layers.

    I can't link atm due to Deviantart being filtered here at work, but a good example would be someone like Cut Thru Me (might be underscores between the words, I don't actually recall) who used to paint and render his stuff all of scratch, and used sigs as a launching pad into some really fantastic digital painting skills.

    As far as sigs go though, the lighting/coloring on these could really use some work. The last 3 are incredibly dark and I guess "harsh" would be a word to discribe them.

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    MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
    I started using photoshop and got most of of my PS education from doing signatures for people.
    However they're pretty low level designs for someone with 6 years of experience. It seems to me like your not pushing yourself all that much and just shitting these out because they're easy.

    I don't want to sound harsh, but from what you have told us, I think you could do a lot better than this.

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    FlayFlay Registered User regular
    Mustang wrote:
    I started using photoshop and got most of of my PS education from doing signatures for people.

    I did the same thing! Making signatures almost exactly like these actually. It was a pretty good way to learn the basics of Photoshop.

    But yeah, not to be rude, but there's not a great deal of advice that we can give you here, since this style is pretty well established and you can't really do anything 'wrong'. Why don't you tell us a little bit about your your art experience or goals are? It's fine not to be sure what your goals are too, we can help with that.

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