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  • WeedLordVegetaWeedLordVegeta Registered User regular
    lol @ a single living person that thinks the jericho spot wasn't a work

  • Sweeney TomSweeney Tom Registered User regular
    Yeah, it was probably planned.

    I say this because now Jericho can be on Raw tomorrow complaining about how he never lost to Punk, and clearly deserves a Mania title shot as compensation.

  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    well yeah, I assumed it wasn't real, but stranger things have happened

    would have expected them to check back in with jericho otherwise, though

  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    you know the main reason "let's go cena/cena sucks" is a thing

    it's a chant that's easy to remember so wrestling fans love him

    when I was at royal rumble, you could just hear the dudes waiting for the "let's go cena" chants to start so they could yell "cena sucks"

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