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Hey, do you want a Social Entropy team jersey? UPDATE 2/1: Progress status on page 13.

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Ok, this is a thread that is just to see if there is interest in a thing I could do, nothing confirmed at all yet.

So the place I currently work at is a wholesale distributor of sports jerseys. Not like fan replica jerseys of pro teams, but stuff that would end up being bought by schools and leagues and stuff.

Anyway, I can get stuff pretty much at cost and was thinking about doing a Social Entropy sports jersey. I was thinking possibly a navy blue with orange lettering, to match the site colors. And perhaps you could get your forum name on the back and a choice of number 00-99. Would you be interested in getting something like that?

Again, this is just a thread to see what kind of interest there would be in this. My plan would be that I would get a list of everyone who wanted one, and you could pay via my office and I'd bring them all down to PAX for pickup. I would likely have to get payment ahead of time so I don't have jerseys all lettered up that don't get bought. I don't think the logistics of shipping them out from the warehouse to a bunch of individual addresses would work out or be cost efficient, but I will look into it. I just figured the PAX delivery would be the easiest. I know that leaves some of you out, but them's the breaks.

We have soccer, baseball, track, and basketball style jerseys. Let me know here if this is something you'd be interested in and which style of jersey you think you'd prefer.

I believe we have styles that are unisex and I think we have some styles that look similar, but are different cuts for men and women.

Also, let me know if you have any questions.

And yes, Tube gave me the go ahead to make this thread.

Sure, go ahead and call dibs on numbers right now.

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