The Skyrim thread for adventurers who don't think jokes get funnier the more you tell them



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    ElendilElendil Registered User regular
    it is a crime that orcs get the Berserk skill and not the actual goddamn vikings

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    WeedLordVegetaWeedLordVegeta Registered User regular
    Dubh wrote: »
    argonians are the best

    dubh continues to be right about things, news at 11

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    Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    So I'm told I should be real careful about not spreading myself too thin skill-wise
    Like pick 3 or 4 things to really excel at

    I'm coming off of DX:HR and ME3 here where there were more than enough skill points to become an expert at basically everything

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    LTMLTM Bikes and BeardsRegistered User regular
    You can master everything in Skyrim.

    My first two skills to 100 were Blacksmithing and Sneak.

    You can craft yourself into a God within like 30 levels.

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    Vargas PrimeVargas Prime King of Nothing Just a ShowRegistered User regular
    Just for the sake of actually being good at combat, focusing on certain skills rather than all of them is a good idea

    But you can level everything, simultaneously if you so choose.

    Actual character levels just come much MUCH slower once you hit the soft cap.

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