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Awesome: 'It's after Six. What am I, a farmer? [lamenting lost manners and n...' by mrt144

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mcdermott wrote:
Esh wrote:
mrt144 wrote:
Lawndart wrote:
I find it amusing that the disconnect between one cultural indicator of economic class (dress) and other indicators of economic class (being able to afford $80 a plate for one meal) causes people such consternation, but declaring that going out to a museum should involve a dress code strikes me as needlessly regressive.

$80 for a meal. What are they serving, gold plated lobsters?

You ever hear of a wine flight, son?


$80 a person with drinks is REALLY easy to do. Hell, I know some small plate places around here I could break that without drinks.

Also, often when you're paying that much for dinner you're paying as much for ambiance and service as for the food itself. Which is why people get annoyed when some fuckstick shows up in his Speed Racer t-shirt.

And shit, I've payed $40 or more just for a burger, fries, and a couple beers.

Ive paid for food you wouldn't believe. Bananas foster on fire prepared off my table's edge. I've watched seasonings glisten on fresh game meats which I subsequently ate. All those meals will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to dine.


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