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PA Comic: Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 - Anticipation



  • Tss_fanTss_fan Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Delzhand wrote:
    Yeah, it's a work of art.

    I'm currently maintaining 5 games, 4 with PA'ers. I have yet to finish a game, though. Are turns limited by the number of "items" remaining, or does one team have to totally destroy the opponent's crystals?

    There seem to be two winning conditions, kill all opponents guys or crystals, I have won both ways.

    I have 9 games going, I have finished 3 over 5 days. two finished games are with the same guy.

    in one game we played 5 rounds in an hour, I have been waiting impatiently for almost two days now.

    Tss_fan on
  • evilevil Registered User
    Could we get a larger image of Tychos horror?

    I would like to buy a poster sized print of that third panel!!! And.. have it as a wallpaper for my phone.

    Why do we love Tycho's horror expression so much?

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