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A new Stonekeep game stealthily came out today.

VeganVegan Registered User regular
edited January 2012 in Games and Technology
And it's for WiiWare!

It's not April 1st, is it? Seriously, big "What the..." right here.









Vegan on


  • TommattTommatt Registered User regular
    I loved stone keep and always wanted a sequel. Be careful what you wish for I guess

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  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular
    I'll take, "WTF" for $300, Alex.

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  • zilozilo Registered User
    It looks like you're carrying around a table with a compass in it, and glasses of ketchup and water.

  • override367override367 ALL minions Registered User regular
    Oh for fuck's sake, which one of you forgot to cut interplay's head off after stabbing, burning, and burying it

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