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Adventure Time Animation: Staring Contest

thornbirdthornbird Registered User regular
edited January 2012 in Artist's Corner

I have some questions about this Adventure Time animation I made:
Specific questions I have:
1)How is the flow? Are there any parts that should be longer or shorter? (i.e. first staring cuts are 4.5 sec, is that a good length? Do the cuts get too fast?)
2)When the fly is circling:
a)Should Finn's eyes track it more before it comes onscreen?
b)Should it walk on his face a bit before he hits it?
c)When he blows at it, does anyone have suggestions how to show the air moving? Or does it look fine now?
3)Is the triple take on the eye close (like an 80s movie showing an explosion multiple times) good? or should I only have it once?
4)Are there any other critiques?
5)Thanks and I hope you enjoyed it!

thornbird on


  • Arden CaneloArden Canelo Registered User regular
    I applaud your efforts at making me smile. I don't have any real crits, just that you could add more frames to smooth it up. You don't have to though, it works fine as is I think.

  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Its cute! Jake laughing is a little slow, but for a gif its pretty nice. Do you have any other animations? What program are you working in?

  • thornbirdthornbird Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Thanks for the feedback!
    I made it in photoshop. If you go to the Window menu there is an animation tool that is adequate. I've only made a few animations, but I like how this one turned out:

    thornbird on
  • DrAlleconDrAllecon Registered User regular
    The staring contest is really cute!

    My thoughts on point number 3) (the triple-blink) is that by the 3rd blink, I knew what you were going for, but the second one is at nearly the same camera angle and speed as the first one. For that brief instant, it looked like an accident, but the 3rd one made it a little more obvious. The 3rd blink though is over a little too fast to get that 80's action film feel to it.
    You might want to either slow down the second blink, and slow the 3rd blink down even more, or just have him blink the once and lose the contest (if you were going to change anything at all).

    The rest of it was great (and even that part was fine it's just that you specifically asked about it).

    I like your assassin/ninja to duck one, too, I hope to see more :)

  • thornbirdthornbird Registered User regular
    Thanks, I changed the second blink to being off at an angle, that will help differentiate, hope it isn't jarring. I also took out one of the laughs so that part will go faster. And finally, I put a little bit more at the end. I put the latest version in spoiler tags so it doesn't load too many gifs at once.

  • DrAlleconDrAllecon Registered User regular
    That was a great fix. I'm glad you went that route instead of 86ing the triple-blink, and it's much clearer to me what you were going for now.
    Also, my kids saw it, so now I've watched it about 76 times.
    It still makes me chuckle each time.

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