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[EAST] BF3 Tournament

arsonisfunarsonisfun Registered User regular
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Greetings and thank you for the interest in this year's tournament.

As always, entry is free of charge and there will be a fabulous prize for this year's winner. We expect quite a bit of interest for this event, so we will be working out some sort of pre-registration to make sure we aren't overwhelmed. I will provide additional details closer to PAX.

The rules are simple: Bring your own butter. In the past competitors complained when we provided butter that wasn't their brand of choice/etc. Salted/Un-salted butter is fine, but margarine is right out. Your flogging method is up to you. Creativity is encouraged.

There will be additional awards for categories such as - most vigorous flogger, most stylish flogging attire, and of course a congeniality award.

Thanks for the interest in the Butter Flogging 3 Tournament and see you all at PAX :)

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  • nianianianianiania Registered User regular
    Oh man, I wish I had bought a pass! *CRYYYYYY*

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  • jujujuju [E] Line Entertainment! Brookline, MARegistered User regular
    I have expensive Truffle Butter in my fridge. I am *SURE* with my gourmand expertise and well-reknowned sassy whipping skills, I will place in this tournament no doubt.

    Butter flogging is serious business.

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