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Learning Access 2007 from scratch to use in MS Sharepoint

shorttiminshorttimin regularRegistered User regular
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So my job changed at work and now my boss would like me to build a database tracking all of our maintenance actions on our "tool". Our company uses Sharepoint for everyone to see what's going on and apparently Sharepoint uses Access behind the scenes. So my question is what is a good textbook or resource to teach me Access when I have no experience with anything beyond Excel. I just recently learned how to make dependent drop-down lists in Excel, before that the extent of my skills were "=sum(C1:C35)" stuff. Woooo me.

What I'm really looking to be able to do, and did in Excel, is create a database that stores on the main table: Date, Name of Tech, Module, Submodule, Error, Action taken, Part #, Part Name, Serial #, Notes and Issue Status. What I did in Excel using the "=INDIRECT(XX)" was set it up that options that are allowed in Submodule are dependent on what option you choose in the Module drop-down list, and what options are available in the Error drop-down are dependent on what you chose in the Submodule list. I've gone through the Microsoft Online training stuff and can't seem to find what I need and don't really know how to phrase a question in Google or Bing to get the answers I need.

Thanks in advance.

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  • useless4useless4 Registered User regular
    I would just try using sharepoint without access... because integrating the two will cause problems.

    You want to start with exporting your excel into a sharepoint list. Then from there you want to create a form to enter new data.
    Sounds hard but it's not really.

    I *think* the only thing you won't have is the ability to pick sub modules by modules but this is an 80% solution.

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