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This is a different type of art.. but still art I think. I started an online video webseries and I thought i'd share it with you guys (and gals). Let me know what you think.. and yes im a real person.. not a spam bot. lol


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    First of all, I'm not sure you're allowed to just post a link to a site and leave it at that. Maybe think about uploading a version to youtube or Vimeo, just to post it here so we don't have to go to an external site.

    Humor: Remember that everything I say is entirely subjective. Somebody could find your humor hilarious! But this area needs the most work I think. When you say the "SHBROOM" effect, it needs more emphasis and is left sounding a little lackluster to me. The PETA - Pamela Anderson joke runs a little long for my tastes, time that could be spent talking more about the video game. When you're talking about the jungle samurai dude, I can only think "...What?" to that. The same can be said about saying that poacher worm from planet TIDO in one breath, and the one about the pizzeria and the mom.

    What I did like about the humor was that you put it in there. The jokes were hit and miss for me, but for the majority of them I was smiling. Especially when you changed your voice while talking about the recoloring for bosses. I cracked up at that!

    I would say try to go easy on the longer jokes, and just try quick tidbits for your next one. SHBROOM is a good example of a good quick comment. More like that and your caricatures of the creators would be wonderful!

    B-Roll of the fluid controls: When you're talking about the controls of the game, I would prefer to see the game footage being matched to your actions. Like a picture in picture, to show how precise characters move, jump, and attack as you control them. You did this after that section of B-roll with the sound of you messing with the controls in the back, but I think it needed more attention than that.

    Audio: When you go from your room audio to your voice over audio, the difference is notable. You could try putting your natural room noise at the start of your VO, and slowly fade it out to get us used to it. There's another VO change at 3:00, where the quality of the audio went from decent to kinda crappy for me. What happened there?

    At 6:15-6:35, why is there that long of a silence?

    Pop culture references: Again, this is entirely subjective, but I hate having pop culture references in a video that I want to be about the game and it's history/mechanics. I'm not talking about anything like the Hulk Hogan thing, that was funny. But the Dino-Riders and Hitchcock's film don't belong in it (in my opinion!).

    Intro and Conclusion: Gotta say, I love your intro. Nice title sequence and effects with the lightning and thunder sound. The only thing I would say is, maybe put the "Excite, Fight, SHBROOM" thing before your title sequence. It's good how it is, but I feel like that would make it better.

    From 6:50-END I was waiting for you to give some kind of conclusion, or just something to indicate an ending, but then it just ended and I was left thinking "That's all?" Not that there isn't a lot of content! Just without an ending, it feels unfinished.

    Game history: Honestly, I have nothing to say about this. You obviously did your homework, or already knew about the game. You gave history on the game's company, and you told me about the game world as you played. You get an A+ from me in this department.

    I want to see you do more of these.

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    Good critique and I take it with respect that you spent time on certain aspects and I appreciate that. Thats why im trying to get more people to take a look at it and let me know. Plus take into account this was my first video of a game.. and real first video of editing.

    Humor- Yea im sure it caters to different people and some people will like it and some will be left with.. "wow, im on that part of youtube again". lol.

    Controls- Its hard to sync up controls. I could have gone with P-i-P, but I to me it feels a bit awkward. But again, thats my opinion on that.

    Pop Ref- The ref were more of a nostagla thing and i've heard some people say "damn I thought the same thing". So again, probably different strokes for different people, as we see here. =)

    Intro- Thanks the intro is my favorite thing, wanted something to stand out when you watch each video. Blue for a video game review. Red lighting, letters, and mood for Las Vegas Arcade Game Room Reviews then different colors for other things. Who knows.. video game movie crossover reviews?

    The ending I wanted to show people the full ending.. but im sure some people wont want to see it. Maybe what I do next it just cut back to onscreen with the credits rolling in the background, 2 birds.. 1 stone.

    Yes, this helps and I appreciate it. I hope you continue to watch other videos I put out.

    Side note on the Video Arcade Room Reviews.. Arcade rooms have gone wayyyy down hill here in Vegas. I can think of one instance at the Eldorado (its down the road) and its an 8x8 room jammed with crap. 1 Crane game, 1 pin ball, 1 out door shooter, and 2 more games. Some of those dont even work. Or even at the "Fiesta" aka "The Reserve" there was an arcade room.. but was later turned into a poker room. Then knocked down for Hotel Registration. Their arcade now is dismal at best. So i thought I could bring some funny elements into those types of things. "how am I going to play this crap with stuck buttons"

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    ArcadeicArcadeic Registered User regular
    What do you guys/gals think of Double Dragon 3? I got a request to do a video on it. The Arcade, not the console.

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    amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    You need to actually post the video here for critique.

    are YOU on the beer list?
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    ArcadeicArcadeic Registered User regular
    So yea, my next game is Double Dragon 3. I recorded 1/2 of what I need. I'll work on it after my hockey game is over.

    It wont let me embed it. It is up on youtube, Vimeo, and Blip.tv
    here is a direct link

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    FugitiveFugitive Registered User regular
    You can imbed YouTube videos.

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    Is there a trick to it?

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    NappuccinoNappuccino Surveyor of Things and Stuff Registered User regular
    Nope, the forum does the work for you. Just copy/paste the direct link from youtube here.

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    ArcadeicArcadeic Registered User regular
    Working on double dragon 3.. Should be out Monday or Tuesday. Such a baaaad game.

    Also I uploaded a video game room review of an arcade in Las Vegas.


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    ArcadeicArcadeic Registered User regular
    New Review Double Dragon 3 and Casino Arcade @ Jokers Wild. Check them out.

    Double Dragon 3

    Jokers Wild Arcade Review

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    bombardierbombardier Moderator Mod Emeritus
    There has been a lot of similar stuff to this lately, like the MW3 videos and it's really skirting the edge of what the AC is for. I appreciate your interest but even posting under the guise of "critique wanted", this feels like the opposite.

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