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Show off your [Screenshots] thread [NSF56k]

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Hey G&T, have you ever come across a beautiful vista, a hidden easter egg, a cool moment, or a humorous glitch in a video game? Did you cap it?

We haven't had a screenshot thread in a long time, but the mods gave the go ahead for a new one, so hooray us. There are some ground rules though:


- You can only post screenshots you actually took yourself. Nothing you find on IGN or GameFaqs or Dead End Thrills or whatever.
- Vanilla doesn't resize images or scroll when they're in a spoiler, but it will resize images that are posted inline, so don't worry about raping anyone's h-scroll. However,
- Any screenshot that spoils a game must be in a spoiler.
- No NSFW screenshots.
- Limit your shots to ten per post. Multiple posts in a row are fine, but a softlimit of ten large images per post should help break up the pages better.
- If you're posting a shot from a console game, make sure you crop out any borders or titlebars that could get you into trouble (clarification - The forums are fairly strict regarding emulation, so posting a PS1 game screen is fine, but posting a PS1 game screen with an EPSXE titlebar will get you into trouble)


For PC games, there are a number of different methods you can use. A lot of games have a built in screenshot capability (usually bindable) that will output a shot somewhere in the game's directory. You can also use a capturing program like Fraps to take shots (this will allow you to alter the output format, which will determine your quality and filesize). Lastly, you can take screenshots in any Steam game that supports the overlay (default key is F5).

For console games, you're basically limited to owning a development system, or running your console through a capture card. There are some rare games that allow you to save screenshots, and there are some tools that will allow a PSP owner to take screenshots of games running on their system as well.


For Source Engine games:
Here's a shot of Half Life Source:


If I pull down the console and type "cl_drawhud 0" without quotation marks the HUD will disappear:


If I type "impulse 200" the weapon model will disappear:


Typing "cl_drawhud 1" will turn your hud back on, and changing weapons will bring your weapon model back.

For Unreal Engine games:
Generally, pulling down the console and typing "ToggleHud" without quotation marks once will remove the HUD, typing it again will return it. Examples from Unreal 2:



For Gamebryo Engine games:
To remove the HUD in Skyrim/Fallout 3/etc, pull down the console using the ~ key, than type "tm" without quotation marks and press enter. This is the "toggle menu" command. When entered, your HUD will disappear, but so will the console. Press the ~ key again and the invisible console will close. Then, after taking your shot(s), hit the ~ key again (it will still be invisible), type tm, press enter, and your console and HUD will be back. Then press ~ again to close the console.

Also, Gamebryo games have a command that will allow you to enter a free camera mode, which will pause the game and let you move your camera using WASD independent of your character to set up action shots. The console command for this is "tfc" (for Toggle Free Camera). Entering "tfc 1" into the console will activate it, and entering "tfc 0" will return the game to normal.

I don't have any demonstration shots, but if you have any images you'd like to volunteer let me know and I'll add them.

These are some of the most popular game engines today. If you have info on cleaning up shots for other games or game engines, let me know and I'll add it here.


The easiest way is to find a free image hosting website and create an account. Photobucket, Imgur, Imageshack, and TinyPic are some of them.

A note on linking images from your Steam Cloud:
Gaslight wrote:
To make Steam cloud shots work with the img tags on the Vanilla forum, you need to add "?.jpg" after the final slash in each one's URL.

So, if you saw anything cool in a game, documented something unusual, or just want to flex your e-peen with a 2048x1152 shot of Metro 2033 running at 90fps than go ahead and post it so we can all check it out and talk about it. I want to stress that this thread isn't just for highrez money shots, anything that is interesting or cool or amusing should be posted, no matter what the resolution or graphical settings you were running at the time.

I'll kick us off:



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