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Hello all, I enjoy making sketches and doodles on my free time and if able will make vexels and vectors out of them. So I decided why not have some take a look and give some suggestions on how to improve my work and such so I plan to put up a new sketch/vexel up each week for others look at and help me improve my style. I'll mostly will be drawing something game related unless I'm into a movie, book, show or something else that I feel I should draw instead. So before I delay to long here's the first piece I made this week.

Pretty much I recently got back into Penny Arcade and spent the last week watching PATV and reading some of the comics I missed over the past year and a half. So I just felt like drawing myself as a Fruit Fucker. I'm starting to relisten to the D&D podcasts and may make a doodle of Jim Darkmagic next week. :P

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