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Probation Officer Interview

CathyCathy Registered User
edited January 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
Hello, I have a Probation Officer interview that will consist pf a written excercise and an panel interview. Can anyone share their experience. Any pointers and examples would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Cathy on


  • JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Starting Defense Registered User regular
    to be one or a first interview with the one supervising your probation

  • TastyfishTastyfish Registered User regular
    Guess you've got access to the internet, so lining up some volunteer work should be possible - be good to show that even if you can't go out straight into a job you're going to be putting your time and effort into something productive and will probably get some decent contacts, or failing that personal references to boot.

    Not talking from the voice of experience here, but certainly can't hurt. Number 1 concern is going to be are you going to reoffend (so some contacts in the community would be helpful to show you are a part of it) and number 2 is going to be are you going to be able to cope on your own or will this lead back to number 1. Huge difference between sitting on your arse doing nothing until your CV finally clicks with an employer and showing that you're willing to get out and do something in your spare time.

  • WildEEPWildEEP Registered User regular
    I'm confused - do you have a interview to be a Probation officer, or are you ON probation ?

  • DrakeonDrakeon Registered User regular
    Well, assuming this is an interview to be a probation officer and not you actually being on probation, I've been interviewing several places for probation officer positions recently. I guess the best pointers I have are to think of some questions (why do you want to be a probation officer? Why should they hire you? Do you have any experience with counseling or working with juveniles in any capacity?) and go over those in the mirror, so you can practice, that or have someone do a mock interview with you.

    PSN: Drakieon XBL: Drakieon Steam: TheDrakeon
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