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Awesome: 'PA comic: Monday January 30, 2012 - Plurality' by Ashoka

AshokaAshoka A Hub subforum that works?Registered User
edited January 2012 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
I can't wait for the Lego Minecraft video game.



  • ThreeCubedThreeCubed Registered User
    I was tempted to awesome this, then I came here and saw Vyolynce anticipated my needs.

  • ThreeCubedThreeCubed Registered User
    Last month, Minecraft studio Mojang launched a campaign through Lego's Cuussoo label to have a set based on the game enter production. The project gathered the required 10,000 supporters, and was sent to review in late December. Now, the Lego jury has reached a decision, voting to green-light the initiative.

    Lego Minecraft sets are soon to be spilled all over the floor.
    Though the Minecraft Lego set has been approved, it's not ready to be released just yet. Next up in the process is creating a concept for the project. Writing on the Cuusoo blog, Lego said, "We are now developing a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the Lego system and in Minecraft."

    According to Lego, "These things take time, so we appreciate your patience." The company said more details about the Lego Minecraft sets will be shared at a later date.

  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades YOU get a hellbat! YOU get a hellbat! Everybody gets a hellbat!Registered User regular
    Tycho actually read this post!

    Tycho reads the forums!

    Please don't kill me Tube

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    This is very bad news for all of you. If Tycho reads the forums I finally have a reason to set up gulags.

  • A Dabble Of TheloniusA Dabble Of Thelonius It has been a doozy of a dayRegistered User regular
    I call top bunk.

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  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu ___________PIGEON _________San Diego, CA Registered User regular
  • GotrM15GotrM15 Registered User
    Y'all were just talking about proprietary content three layers deep the other day -- so this is perfect!

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