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[EAST] PAX East 2012 Lego Minifig Trading

Go! Shawn!Go! Shawn! New EnglandRegistered User regular
edited January 2012 in PAX Archive
Greetings all.

I was wondering if there would be any one up for trading Lego Minifigs at this years PAX East. Right now I have three that I would like to trade for figures that I don't have.

I have:

The Female Tennis player from Series 3.

The Cavewoman from Series 5.

The Tribal Chief from Series 3.

They are great figs, in mint condition, never played with; but I have no use for doubles.

I would take any Minifig that I don't have from any of the series.

These are the Minifigs that I have:

I hope we can get some trading going!


At PAX East 2014: Cosplay Noire Project:

Dark, gritty, character centric portraits.
Moe Fwacky on


  • Go! Shawn!Go! Shawn! New EnglandRegistered User regular
    Also, please feel free to post if you have Minifigs to trade but you don't want any of mine. Maybe there will be some one else who would lie what you have, or has something that you want.

    At PAX East 2014: Cosplay Noire Project:

    Dark, gritty, character centric portraits.
  • ThemiscyraThemiscyra Registered User regular
    Oh wow, this is a great idea. I've ended up with some duplicate figs and most of them are in great shape. Unfortunately that webpage isn't loading properly right now, but I'll go through my collection and try to post my list.

    PAX EAST 2011 Omegathon Finalist - PAX East 2012 Omeganaut
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  • Go! Shawn!Go! Shawn! New EnglandRegistered User regular
    Themiscyra, that would be great.

    I also have a second Fisherman from Series 3.


    At PAX East 2014: Cosplay Noire Project:

    Dark, gritty, character centric portraits.
  • ShexyBShexyB Registered User
    Great Idea very like it

  • FruhmannFruhmann Registered User regular
    I'm looking to get all the horror

    Series 1:

    Series 2:
    Gorilla Suit Guy

    Series 3:
    Mummy (have)

    Series 4:
    The Monster (have)
    Crazy Scientist
    Werewolf (have)

    Series 5:
    Lizard Man

  • dan.burnettdan.burnett Registered User
    I have a bunch of Lego mini figs that are NOT from the minifig collection packs, just from older sets (early 90's) . I was going to bring a dozen or so of the cool ones I have in hopes that I could find a few people who will also bring ones from their sets. I am trying to get rid of most of my town/space figurines. I'm looking for pirate/castle/western figures. If anyone reads this... please bring a bunch of cool lego figures, even if they're not 'collectible'. If anyone wants to see a picture of my figurines, feel free to let me know and we can hook up on facebook or exchange cell's.

    Heres to hoping the right people see this.

  • DaltonCarlDaltonCarl Registered User regular
    edited September 2013

    DaltonCarl on
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