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  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    Spigen cases are the shit.

    WiiU: Windrunner ; Guild Wars 2: Shadowfire.3940 ; PSN: Bradcopter
  • mtsmts Registered User regular
    Shadowfire wrote: »
    Spigen cases are the shit.

    I have a neo hybrid one on my OP3T and considering I normally hate cases, I have been happy with it.

  • AldoAldo Hippo Hooray the swamp, always the swampRegistered User regular
  • El FantasticoEl Fantastico Toronto, ONRegistered User regular
    Been seeing a lot of a game called Warriors of Waterdeep appear in ads a fair bit when I browse Facebook. Seems like there's a soft-launch for Canada for the game.

    If you're familiar with Waterdeep and the reference, you know it's a D&D game, and it's made by a company I've never heard of (Ludia?) but it is an officially licensed WotC product.

    The game's mostly solo - no friend or co-op component to the game yet, or if they'll even have anything at all remains to be seen. You start with a pre-set Cleric and Wizard, and quickly recruit a couple of other classes to round your party out at 4 members. Again, classes/characters are pre-set, and while I would've liked being able to create my own party, or at least a main leader to represent me, it's really not such a big deal.

    As you complete dungeons (usually 2-4 rooms that act as waves of enemies, sometimes with secret rooms in between them) you earn a pack of cards that gives you gold and equipment pieces. You'll never earn equipment for a class/character you don't have, but if you have recruited 5 characters, your benchwarmer might earn a piece randomly from the pack. The equipment is what gives your characters new skills.

    Boots/Leg armor = Movement activated skill
    Helm = Command skill 1
    Accessory = Command skill 2
    Weapon = Unlimited attack skill
    Body Armor = No skills, bulk of character stats
    Wonderous Item = Passive skill

    Movement skills always have a chance to activate as you move around the 4x4 battlefield. When you start a dungeon/enter a new room, monsters and unmovable terrain can occupy any of the top 12 spaces, with your party taking up the bottom 4. Some characters gain abilities from their equipment that let them attack from 2 or 3 rows away. Some monsters can attack from the very back row, so starting out, you usually have to advance a ranged character one row up, or melee 2 rows up to get that creep in the back.

    All command skills have a cooldown period, with the weapon being the unlimited attack option (wizard and ranger can always attack from 2 rows away with their basic attack). All attack skills have a chance of adding extra effects, such as extra damage, bleed, AC/ATK buffs or debuffs, etc. The passive skills are just that - at the start of the turn, they have a chance to trigger. Barbarian to start with has a great passive of being able to heal damage at the start of her turn, for example.

    The game has the progressive equipment scale of common/rare/epic/legendary, and some slots have multiple pieces per tier. The Cleric starts with boots that give a chance to heal a random party member, but quickly gets new boots that are stronger (statwise) but the skill gives the Cleric a chance to remove all debuffs. Not as useful, but do you want to keep wearing low level boots? Because you get packs of cards very often in the game, you'll get a lot of dupe equipment, and that means leveling up your gear. It costs more gold and requires more dupe cards as you level up each item consecutively, but it helps to keep that item competitive among your "stronger" equipment.

    There is a lot more to this game, but as it's not fully released yet, I'm hoping they'll make a few changes to what's existent. Currently, there is a gold/XP cap that resets per day. This needs to go away as soon as the game launches, or I doubt people will want to stick with it. There is also a challenge mode of running the dungeon with monsters getting progressively stronger as you clear more rooms, and every 4 rooms you fight a boss where upon winning, you get the option to take your accumulated loot and run, or keep trying for the next tier. As of now, when you quit the challenge, you get a chance to have the chest upgrade to copper/silver/gold/??? which unlocks on a timer (or you can spend premium currency gems to unlock right away). The chance of upgrade is criminally low, though, and doesn't seem to improve much if you progress further. I have cleared 16 rooms often and usually just end up with a basic chest that unlocks in 3 hours. I've had maybe 10 copper chests, 1 silver and 1 gold chest each. I've probably run the challenge dungeon well over 55-60 times since the game soft-launched.

    PSN: TheArcadeBear
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    captainkEd GrubermanAnon the Felon
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