MW3 Panic-Knifing IRL - Modern Knifing 3 [VIDEO]

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Hey everyone!

For those of you who dug the last video Modern Waiting 3.
Well, we have a NEW video up for all of you to enjoy.

MODERN KNIFING 3 - Stop the Panic Knifing!

Panic-knifers are the bane of many of our existences. They don't so much knife you as they squeeze their controller because you surprised them. lol A flinch if you will. Bringing a knife the a gun fight has apparently never been easier than in MW3, so tread carefully soldier, or someone might drop their knife by accident in your knee and a soldier, you'll no longer be.

Hope you all enjoy.
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Feedback is more than welcome!
Thanks, you guys rock!

-H4 of Channel Beardnor


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    H4D3NH4D3N Registered User regular
    Just had this video retweeted by Tomahawktrix, NinjaKnives, Djhes, and HIDDEN MASTERS!!!
    They all have awesome gaming content, so def check them out!

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    H4D3NH4D3N Registered User regular
    Any thoughts or comments or even ideas?
    My team and I enjoy feedback (preferably constructive, lol)

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    m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    What if he respawned lying down right next to the sniper instead of coming up from behind him? I mean, it is about panicknifing and personally I'd find it funnier if he just respawned right next to him, thinking he was all comfortable and then "SHIIIIT!"
    Also, the girlish scream didn't really hit home with me but the whistling was kind of good.

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