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The Lovely BastardThe Lovely Bastard Registered User regular
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So there was this little movie released in 2007. It was called Ghost Rider, and it starred this man:


A lot of dummies and whiny jerks said it was a bad movie. They clearly could not enjoy a man eating red and yellow jelly beans out of a martini glass while talking to the star of the smash hit television show Grounded for Life and then turning into a biker skeleton who gets goth chicks' panties all moist. Also he totally drives up the side of a building on a motorcycle and flips off a cop as he attacks a helicopter with hell chains. And some broad was in it, too. She was kinda smokin'

But that is completely beside the point because, Nic Cage is fuckin' back and the directors of a cinematic masterpiece that featured this:

are going full on crazy with making this shit realer than real.

It's got fuckin' Stringer Bell and The Highlander and a bunch of other people in it who aren't Nic Cage or Stringer Bell or the Highlander so who cares about listing their names. It also features Nic Cage pissin' fire and spittin' bullets.

Oh, and yes, Nic Cage is a method actor. He is the Ghost Rider.


He prepares for roles the only way he knows how. The way god intended.

Here is the trailer

See this movie or go to hell.

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