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[Glossolalia] A Dark Red Day

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Welcome to Glossolalia! Social Entropy's go-to hotspot for play-by-post roleplaying, colored text, and labial digits since 2009. Here at Glossolalia, we care about you, the customer, and we strive to provide you with the highest quality, most compelling material for your PbP needs. Whether you're a fan of gritty pulp, high-flying science fiction, psychedelic fantasy, or giant robots, we believe you'll find something here to enjoy.

Our catalog currently includes five games, from a variety of talents:

From: @Speed Racer
System: "Speed Says"
Speed Racer's epic tale of pirates sailing the sands of a ruined, dry world has been captivating and humiliating its players for nearly a year now. Set on a dried out Earth long after a mysterious apocalyptic event, it follows the crews of two ships as the search out... something, I'll be honest, I kind of got lost. Its unforgiving nature, and harsh environment provide a crisp, warm experience, with a hint of salt.
Accepting Players: Probably!
Creating a Character:
Come up with a cool idea for some kinda salty sailor. Then, give him or her three [Talents] and three [Flaws]. More importantly though, give the character a neat personality and backstory. The plot of Derelict is heavily driven by the characters, because Speed is too lazy to come up with his own plots it helps to foster a sense of collaborative storytelling. So having your character be interesting is far more important than specifying what they're good or bad at!

Your stat sheet should be formatted like:

[Character Name]
[Talent] [Talent] [Talent]
[Flaw] [Flaw] [Flaw]

Also, if you play Derelict you get to contribute to its worldbuilding! If you have a neat idea about how some part of this hideous Frankenstein of a setting should work, then post it! It will become "canon," presuming it doesn't contradict anything that someone's already come up with and pending Speed's approval.

From: @Stilts
System: Proto-[%]
Stilts' Resonance is a delightful combination of classic science fiction and high-flying martial arts. Set in the far future, it focuses on a group of Resonant Monks as they track down their brothers and sisters after a catastrophic invasion of the Monastery-Planet Callisto. Its mix of science and mysticism give it a light, airy feel, that I, personally, really appreciate.
Accepting Players: Possibly!
Creating a Character:
Every player in Resonance takes on the role of a novice monk of the Temple of the Harmonic Mind. Because you have only started your journey, you haven't fully developed any skills yet. Your stat line should look like this:

[Group] [Character Name] 0
[??? (???)] [???] [???]
[I: Harmonic Mind Gi]

As the game progresses, Traits will be announced that any player can take and add to their statline. These traits are permanent and cannot be gotten rid of once you take them.

[??? (???)]] refers to your character's fighting style. In the parentheses goes the element that your character can manipulate through martial arts. After acquiring an element, I will determine an appropriate name to fill in the other set of ???, giving a label to the way you conduct yourself in battle.

The number next to your name represents your character's current Ki Points. You earn Ki Points from roleplaying like a boss, and can spend them to increase your chances on things.

The third line is your inventory, where important items your character owns are listed. Everyone starts with a Harmonic Mind Gi, which protects you from lethal damage. You can also start with any weapon you like, as long as it's martial-arty.

From: @DJP3710
System: Modded Proto-[%]
DJP's anachronistic blend of fantasy, magic, and elemental spirit-power became a quick favorite among his players. To be honest, I've kind of totally lost track of what it's about, but I assure you it's really quite good, and you should try it some time.
Accepting Players: Maybe?

From: @Dichotomy
System: TITAN Custom
Dichotomy has recently started his own game, a heady blend of giant robots and giant robots. Its set in a time of giant robots, featuring men and women who pilot giant robots against monsters and other giant robots. Its giant robots, purple text, and giant robots give it a giant robot texture, and a faint cucumber aftertaste.
Accepting Players: No.

Our newest offering, however, and our Featured Game this thread, Premiering right here in the OP, is none other than my very own:
From: @DE?AD
System: [%] BETA Code
Directly following the events of SlateGray, DarkRED is set within The City - the only stable society within the rolling white mists of the Haze, watched over by the mysterious and ancient HEX tower. Players take on the roll of any character they can imagine, banding together into teams to vie for control of the city, go on missions, or explore the ever-shifting reality beyond the city walls. Be a criminal. Be a hero. Be whatever you'd like. In DarkRED the adventure is up to YOU!
Accepting Players: Yes!
Creating a Character: Rules for Character Creation can be found in the Documentation. Character Statline can be found below.
[Name] [Team and ID Code] A: [ ] [ ] [ ]
0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 Auto: On
[Major][Minor][Minor] [Niche]

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