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Trying to Bulk up

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So, I'm about 5'10, 150, and I'm trying to bulk up, putting on muscle, specifically. I don't have a crazy metabolism (if I eat like shit, I will get fat, I learned that sophomore year of college), but I've had stretches, like about the 8 month stretch ending last November, where I've worked out pretty heavily every other day. While I get a little bigger, and more defined, I didn't get above like 155 pounds. After that, a couple of different injuries kept me from working out until now.

I know I need to eat more calories to put on mass. I don't think I eat more than 2300 on the average day, with 2500 being around the max. I eat pretty well, no take out, lots of veggies, etc. I just bought two sets of protein powder, a "mass building" 600 cal per serving one, and a casein 140 cal one for before bed. I just don't know if I work out heavily enough to eat 3000-plus calories. The various lingering injuries I've had (shoulders get 'click-y' and irritated if I do a lot of chest work, wrists having problems with bending backwards so at this point benching is pretty much a no go, my knee pops and hurts if I do too much squat-like stuff) keep me from going all out every other day. I guess my real question is, how many calories should I be shooting for? What about on days when I don't lift? Do I still over-eat? Suggestions on how to adjust my workout? I just don't want to be trying to put on mass, and end up just getting fat.

My workout is usually roughly:
3 or 4 sets of 10 of a chest exercise (flies, standing chest press)
3 sets of 10:
shoulder press
seated rows
tricep pulldowns
leg press (starting to swap this out for a set of squats I've been doing for increasing vertical [5 deep squats holding dumbbells, 5 quick ones, 5 jumping ones, 4-6 sets])
3 sets of 20 calf raises
some sort of ab exercise
sets of bicep curls/hammer curls, trying to do 10 reps each time, decreasing in weight to stay in that range, until I'm too tired to continue

I also have been playing basketball as cardio.

maybe i'm streaming terrible dj right now if i am its here
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  • PeenPeen Registered User regular
    Go ask this question in the weightlifting thread in SE++ and we will make you into a man.

    Short answer is get a better workout plan that focuses on heavy compound lifts like Starting Strength and eat clean but big. Lots of protein and veggies, not so much carbs.

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    done - I am weak, malleable putty in your muscular hands

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    maybe i'm streaming terrible dj right now if i am its here
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