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Top gear UK help

TrinzlerTrinzler Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
The top gear UK episodes on iTunes are dubbed over with generic music, are the episodes on the UK iTunes store with the original sound track ?

Trinzler on


  • Mmmm... Cocks...Mmmm... Cocks... Registered User regular
    I would imagine the US store would have the butchered up ones(scenes cut for commercials, not just the music) while the UK store would have the originals.
    But that's just my thought process on the whole thing, seems to be what you're thinking as well.

    I'm not sure you'll find many people who've bought them off iTunes since Top Gear is one of those extremely pirated shows. Might have to take a dive and buy an episode to find out.

  • saltinesssaltiness Registered User regular
    TopGear UK is on netflix in original form if that helps at all.

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  • DeciusDecius Registered User regular
    Even the TG stuff on Netflix isn't using the original soundtrack. The Vietnam special without "Born in the USA" just isn't the same :lol:. This is all due to the way the BBC licenses music. In theory the UK iTunes store should have them as broadcast, but your best bet for untainted original Top Gear would be to buy the DVDs from Amazon UK.

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  • RderdallRderdall Registered User regular is where I go for all of the information I need on Top Gear, or any of the popular driving shows. There are forums there that might address this question.


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  • iRevertiRevert Tactical Martha Stewart Registered User regular
    edited February 2012
    Give this a try:

    "Whats That Song Top Gear Episode Guide"

    Listed by episode and season so you can find which songs originally were in there.

    It doesn't help you much but you could get one episode from the UKitunes and see if it is correct.

    iRevert on
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