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I'm looking to update my Radeon HD 4850 to a 6790 (this card specifically)

It's hard to get direct comparisons, so do you guys think it's a worthwhile, budget, upgrade ? I'm considering a completely new PC next year, but am looking for a boost to the likes of Skyrim until then, without breaking the bank.

Thanks for any tips - the rest of my system, RAM, hard drives. etc are fine for now, the gfx card is the bottleneck I think, although I am also thinking of going from 4GB of RAM to 8.

Edit - I can also get the Radeon HD 6850 for a little less, on preorder...

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  • DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
    You may want to hit up the build thread stickied at the top of this subforum, but at least from this article, the jump from a 4850 to a 6790 is not that significant. The site you linked had a 6850 for about £4 more than the card you linked, and a 6870 for about £25 more.

  • RohanRohan Registered User regular
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    I would definitely advise you spending that little extra on the 6850, or the 6870 if you can.

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  • M-VickersM-Vickers Registered User regular
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    Thanks for the advice - I opted for the 6870, at £115, which is handy as I have overtime on Sunday which will net me £120...

    My only concern is the fact that my mobo is a 2.0 PCI-E, and the card says it's a 2.1 PCI-E - guess I'll find out in a few days if that's problem...

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