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The St. [Phalla]ntine's Day Massacre! - GAME OVER - Doggie, Irish, SK, and Cop victory!

daniantdaniant Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Critical Failures
A daniant and stever777 production

This is a Phalla game, Penny Arcade Forum's version of the party game Mafia. If this is your first game, it will be informative to visit the linked topic for some background information. This is very loosely based on the St. Valentine's Day Massacre with some added twists. As Wikipedia states, "The Saint Valentine's Day massacre is the name given to the 1929 murder of 7 mob associates as part of a prohibition era conflict between two powerful criminal gangs in Chicago: the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone and the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran."

Genre: Faction with mafia: uninformed factions versus informed mafia.

Every day a player will vote for someone you think is an enemy to your gang activity in bold red.

Voting will close each day at 10PM EST (UTC -5); any actions before the hour (x:59) will count, any actions on the hour and later (x:00) will not.

Signing Up

Sign up with the phrase "I !sign up" or similar phrase in bold limegreen or other bright, easily visible color to ensure that your intent to play is acknowledged. There is a minimum limit of 30 players for this game.


It is expected that players make at least two posts and a vote each day to be considered sufficiently active. A warning will be sent on the first day that this requirement is not met, and a replacement will be made on the second consecutive day of inactivity or third day overall. If there are no replacements available, then the player will be eliminated from the game.

Other Rules

Standard Phalla rules apply: no sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots and direct quotation. However, information may be shared indirectly, such as through rephrasing. No anonymous contact is allowed. All messages must be traceable to a player in the game.

If any players create "proboards" for private communication or interesting conversations including more than two players, please send links for them to both hosts.


Any questions about the general game rules may be made by highlighting the question in bold orange text. Answers will be posted in the thread and collected in the below section. Player-specific inquiries that are not addressed in the general rules may be asked via PM to hosts daniant and stever777. Please include both of us on PMs so we don't double-answer you.

Nightly Order: Vote, Other Actions, Guards, Vigs

Vote Ties: Both ties die and the person to tie the vote also dies.

No trickle.

No voting for hosts.

Do 'Other Actions' include sleeping with people to find out their secret identity?
No sex in this one. It's the '20's, for God's sake. Sex wasn't invented until 1968!
We love all races, creeds, blah blah blah...

Are masons reliable?
Yes, sir! Would just be mean if they weren't.

Are there conversions?
No, sir.

Also, some advise: always trust kime
Don't. :P <3

Is other actions a generic thing (anyone can do) or is it only if your PM contains an action?
If your PM has no action listed, you have no actions available.

When is day 1 starting/ending?
Soon & Wed 10PM EST.

call the good guys mobsters i guess
We do.

Are there resurrections?
Gangsters don't believe in that New Age crap, so, no.

Are there thralls/spies?
No thralls/spies.

So apparently this needs clarification.

There are two village factions, the Irish gangsters and the Italian gangsters. Again, they are both village factions. Yes, arguably either or both of them could be called "mafia" if you're using that as a synonym for gangster, but let's not because apparently people are confused enough as it is. There is also a mafia in the same sense as there is a mafia in every phalla, with the same MO and objective of outnumbering the village (collectively made up of the members of the Italian and Irish factions).
To recap: if you are Irish, the Italians are not the "mafia." If you are Italian, the Irish are not the "mafia." There is an actual mafia who is out to get both sides and the village needs to find and eliminate them or both sides lose, outnumbering the other faction is secondary to that.

Nightly Narrations:
Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Player List
1. mascara, Cupid's Arrow (mafia roleblocker) - not tough enough for the Chicago streets
2. CaptainPlanet82, Reinhart Schwimmer, Irish mob - killed by the Irish
3. Tayrun, Joe "Joe Bananas" Bonanno - stopped by the power of love
4. Infidel, Francis "Chee Chee" DeMayo - stopped by the power of love
5. Spoit, Chicago Cop (neutral) - machine-gunned by the Italians
6. SLyM
7. sportzboytjw, Box of Chocolates (mafia) - machine-gunned by the Italians
8. tzeentchling, Lucky Luciano - murdered in cold blood
9. Cayrus
10. BobCesca, Vincent "Schemer" Drucci - machine-gunned by the Italians
11. Assuran
12. Lucedes, Albert Weinshank, Irish mob - stopped by the power of love
13. jdarksun, Edward "Eddie Buff" Lanzieri, Italian mob - murdered in cold blood
14. corvidae, Tom Ciampelletti- seduced by the power of love
15. Gaslight
16. Phyphor, Frankie La Porte, Italian mob - stopped by the power of love
17. Citizen, Sexy Lingerie (mafia) - murdered in cold blood
18. Smoove Operator
19. Cerberus
20. Kias
21. romanqwerty, Alfonse "Kid Blast" Gallo (suicide guard) - stopped by the power of love
22. towndrunk34
23. The Anonymous
24. Cythraul, Dozen Roses (mafia) - not tough enough for the Chicago streets
25. Bedlam, Al "Scarface" Capone (seer) - stopped by the power of love
26. warban
27. Shiny New Toys, Rory "Whitey" Bulger (suicide guard) - murdered in cold blood
28. Bobbit, Romantic Comedy (mafia) - Inactivus hates stupid re-hashed plots
29. Langly
30. SeGaTai
31. kime, Highball the German Shepard has left the game victorious!
32. AkimboLegs, Ross Prio - seduced by the power of love
33. Retaba, Candy Hearts (mafia) - not tough enough for the Chicago streets
34. Flarne, John May - stopped by the power of love
35. MrTLicious, “Happy Memories” DeLuca - shot by the Irish
36. KetBra
37. shalmelo
38. lonelyahava, Diamond Jewelry (mafia) - not tough enough for the Chicago streets
39. Goose!, Frank "Tight Lips" Gusenberg - murdered in cold blood
40. vertroue, Joseph "Greasy Thumb" Guzik (suicide guard) - shot by the Irish before love could find him
41. I needed a name to post., Tony "Joe Batters" Accardo - Left the gangster life for good
42. Nirya
43. Void Slayer, Police Lieutenant Michael Grady, Irish mob - not tough enough for the Chicago streets
44. MrBlarney, Anthony "The Animal" Barboza - not tough enough for the Chicago streets

daniant on


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