Test footage for possible web series

risingsonrisingson Registered User regular
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Some friends and I just completed some test footage shot in front of a green screen.

We are looking to put together a possible superhero themed pilot/web series.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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    GolemGolem of Sand Saint Joseph, MORegistered User regular
    The glow on everyone seems pretty distracting to me, the acting was pretty decent. I know its just a minor complaint but visually I didn't really buy that he was the Dad. The sets are pretty decent but for walking scenes you might try...idk a sideways walk along the green screen instead of the awkward shuffle with no space to move from behind shot that you did.

    Otherwise looks fairly good, what did you shoot it with, what is your lighting situation with the green screen, and what video editing software are you using?

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    risingsonrisingson Registered User regular
    The cut is rough at this point. We shot the scene with a Digital SLR Canon, I believe. We shot it in front of a green screen, and I think the editor used Final Cut, but Im not sure.

    This feedback is really helpful!


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