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[EAST] Dragon Quest 9 MeetUp - UPDATED OP

TrionTrion Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in PAX Archive
Original Post:
It looks like there will once again be a number of PAXgoers bringing their copies of DQ9. Are you one of these people? Would you like a venue to get together with other DQ9 gamers for the trading of maps, grotto runs and general merriment? Let us know!

We managed to pull off one of these last year and the turn-out was bigger than I had expected. And any good idea is worth overdoing.

Right now this thread is for feeling out interest. If you'd like to show up for a DQ9 meeting sign up below. Be sure to include the days you will be at PAX. We'll set the specifics up based on that. Even if we just get together on one day to update our inns and give one another high-fives, that would be great.


For those of you who don't want to read the whole thread (and who can blame you ;) ) here are the basics:

We're meeting in the Handheld Lounge at 5:00 pm on Saturday. If there's some kind of change I'll post it here, or I'll tweet from my account @paullanglois once PAX gets under way. If you've got some other Dragon Quest game, bring it along. There ARE people who will be interested.

If you're wondering who you're looking for, here's the picture of me from the Mugshots thread:

Feel free to post a picture or description of yourself. I'll also tweet what I'm wearing that day. Unless I forget. Which is possible.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Trion on


  • DominoDomino Keizen Mikazuki New York, NYRegistered User regular
    Debating whether or not I'll be there Sunday, but I should otherwise be there in the evening and late afternoon. Mornings I'll be at Anime Boston.

  • VariVari Registered User regular
    I am absolutely down for this. I feel a need for more map-gathering. I'll be at PAX Friday, Saturday and the first half of Sunday. ^_^

  • JarsJars Registered User regular
    edited February 2012
    I would like to canvas at the very least. will be there at least sat+early sun

    Jars on
  • AngrypastaAngrypasta Registered User regular
    Glad to see people are still bringing DQ9 to PAX! I'll definitely be trying to canvass for guests during the weekend.

    I'll try to make it to the meetup if I can!

  • tigrerosatigrerosa Registered User new member
    I'd be interested. I'll be there Friday and Saturday.

  • WizardWizard Registered User regular
    I'll be there all three days. Got DQ9, 6, and Joker 2 if anyone wants anything from any of those three.

    Thanks for putting this together, Trion!

  • BIGmogBIGmog DenverRegistered User regular
    I'll probably have DQ9 rotating with Pokemon along with a 3DS for spot pass.

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    Coolness! It's looking like Saturday is pretty common. Perhaps a late afternoon or early evening meet would be best. What time will you be joining us from Anime Boston Domino? (BTW - jealous.)

    I'll be using my twitter account to send out reminders and any other information changes once PAX starts (as well as just generally tweeting). That's @paullanglois for those interested.

  • sketch11420sketch11420 Registered User new member
    I would definitely be down for a meet-up. I'll be there Friday and Saturday; and I'll most definitely be canvasing all day.

  • Prototype AxlPrototype Axl Registered User regular
    I plan on canvasing again this year.
    Friday and Saturday will probably be the days that I'll be active for sure.
    Might do Sunday, but I'll be distracted by my 3DS as well all weekend.

  • rosaparxrosaparx Registered User regular
    I'll be canvasing as well all weekend with my ds but like prototype, will also be distracted by my 3ds; look forward to seeing all you guys in both physical & handheld worlds

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    Awesome guys. The more the merrier. I'm still planning on a late afternoon Saturday thing, but I'm waiting for the schedule before I settle on something.

  • WizardWizard Registered User regular
    Sounds like a plan. I'm looking forward to it!

  • creid8creid8 Registered User regular
    Yikes, almost missed this thread. I'd like to make it this year, I think I was only able to do a drive-by tagging for 5 minutes last year. Gotta say, after all the StreetPassing I've been doing, getting only 3 DQ tags at a time feels quite restrictive.

    I'll be there all three days.

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    OK, guys. Now that the schedule is up, I'm going to be trying for Saturday afternoon at 5:00. That seems to be the best time for the most people. I've sent a message to the guys at the handheld lounge and when I hear something, I'll let you know.

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    And I've just go confirmation. So Saturday at 5 it is. I'll bump this up just before PAX as a reminder and I'll be using my Twitter account for running updates, commentary and whatnot.

  • WizardWizard Registered User regular
    Awesome! Bringing other Dragon Quest games too, in case anyone else plays those.

  • creid8creid8 Registered User regular
    I'll try to remember IV, V, and VI.

  • WizardWizard Registered User regular
    Bumping this. I'm hoping some people are bringing Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 as well. With a little luck, I'll have the highly coveted "Ultra Slime" available for tagging by then.

  • Brew78Brew78 Registered User regular
    I'll certainly be bringing along DQ9 and my 3DS. I got a TON of tags last year and lots of maps I can share. Sorry, I deleted the dozens of... damn, can't remember.. the starter dungeon..

    Anyway, I can swing by and say hi for sure. Might need help defeating a dungeon or two before I can share them. Including a level 99. Can you invite people into games where you're in a map they don't have? Never done multiplayer..

  • ZeroHourHeroZeroHourHero Allentown, PARegistered User regular
    Would it be worth it to pick up today for pax, since I have some free time between now and PAX since my wedding is all set up, and I've got nothing but time until Tuesday, and then nothing but time until thursday?

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    Hey guys! It'll be good to have you both there.

    Brew - I can't remember for sure but I think so. Perhaps Wizard will be along to confirm.

    ZHH - Yes, I'd say it's worth getting it. You may not get anything to share by the time PAX rolls around, but you should get to the point where you can get other people's maps pretty easily.

  • TryfanTryfan Registered User regular
    I'd love to do this as well. I haven't really explored the social aspects of DQ9, but I'd like to.

    PSN/XBL/Twitter: tryfan2k2 3DS: 0645-5860-0116
  • DominoDomino Keizen Mikazuki New York, NYRegistered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Ahhhh, holy crap I forgot about this ~.~
    My schedule's really messed up and I may be at PAX on Saturday 3-4pm and 7:30-10pm.
    Bleh, my fault for focusing on other things XD

    EDIT: Though to be perfectly honest, I'll debate whether I want to do the second Madoka panel and Black★Rock Shooter photoshoot. I do love me some cosplays :3

    Domino on
  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    Ttyfan - Well then come on down. We'd love to have you.
    Domino - Aw, c'mon. You know we're better than all that other stuff.

  • ZeroHourHeroZeroHourHero Allentown, PARegistered User regular
    Just waiting on a time and place (I figured HandHeld Lounge at X Time) and I'll be there, unless its during the Gearbox or Xplay panels.

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    Yes, on the Handheld Lounge. We will be meeting at 5pm on Saturday. Once PAX gets under way I'll be tweeting any changes or updates at @paullanglois (as well as just general tweeting maddness).

  • ZeroHourHeroZeroHourHero Allentown, PARegistered User regular
    Alright sounds good!

  • creid8creid8 Registered User regular
    Probably would be best to add a note about the date and time to the OP so people don't miss it?

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    Sounds like a good idea to me. :) Hold on a minute and I'll revamp things.

  • WizardWizard Registered User regular
    Brew78 wrote: »
    Anyway, I can swing by and say hi for sure. Might need help defeating a dungeon or two before I can share them. Including a level 99. Can you invite people into games where you're in a map they don't have? Never done multiplayer..

    Absolutely. They get invited into your game world, so what maps they have has no bearing on anything. You can invite up to three other people and go grotto running with them. It's good fun. Except when you get pinned down by Boa bishops. Man, I hate those.

    I'm doing well in Joker 2, as I've just obtained an Ultra Slime. (Requires 200 tag victories) So anyone who plays that will get something nifty as well. Looking forward to tagging with everyone!

  • Brew78Brew78 Registered User regular
    Ok, cool. So here's the question - what's the minimum level you think you need to be to beat a lvl 99 boss? My party's currently low-mid 60's, so I need to use my remaining time wisely... level up my crew (or just Hero) vs practicing Mario Kart 7 (which I just purchased and currently suck at :D )

  • WizardWizard Registered User regular
    That would depend on the boss and how many skill trees you've mastered. Someone like Baramos, who is the easiest of the batch? You could possibly pull it off in the 70s assuming that you've mastered ALL of the skill trees and have top notch equipment. Probably best to be at 99. Someone like one of the three hardest? Estark, Dragonlord, and Nokturnus? Even at 99, it's a toss-up.

    That said, we tend not to have too much time to beat down 99 legacies, but if you desire it, we could take a shot.

  • creid8creid8 Registered User regular
    Ack, just realized attending this will keep me out of the Plot vs. Play panel at Arachnid. Maybe someone wants to swing by the line? ;-)

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    Less than 24 hours until PAX! I'll be on the train into Boston tomorrow morning, so this may be my last post to this thread before the madness begins. See you all tomorrow. :)

  • Brew78Brew78 Registered User regular
    It was great to see the few of you that I did, and thank you for the maps as well as the, um.. attempt(?) at 99 Malroth, lol
    (oh, also the +1 item completion teleport wings)

  • WizardWizard Registered User regular
    It was good seeing the bunch of you who did show up! Hope those maps come in handy, and glad people are still playing!

    Sorry I wasn't able to hang around longer. I'd like to thank Trion for organizing this once again, and everyone who showed up for some good DQ9 fun!

  • TrionTrion Registered User regular
    Hi guys. I'm really glad we managed to get together on Saturday. I had a good time and it was great to meet you all. Thank you for showing up. :)

  • creid8creid8 Registered User regular
    Got 2 tags on Saturday, but my battery died by the end of the day so I don't know if I missed getting any more. Next time!

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