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Indie Game Bundle Notice & Discussion Thread [ NEW - Deep Space ]

alexanderswangalexanderswang Registered User regular
edited September 2012 in Games and Technology
Updating...[Last Update: 09-14-2012] * This thread is mainly for Steam focused bundles.

More and more indie bundles are coming up, I'm hoping this thread can help you to be informed of current and future indie bundles, and also for those people who want to collect bundles this thread may help you to know which bundles you've missed.

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The following bundles are included in this thread for updating for now. New upcoming bundles will be added.

Indie Game Bundle
- for Profit and Charity - run by Wolfire Games
- for Profit only - run by Desura
- for Profit and Charity - run by
- for Profit and Charity - run by Yawma LLC
- for Profit and Charity - run by
- for Profit and Charity - run by
- for Profit and Charity - run by GetGamesGo
- for Profit only - run by
- for Profit only - run by

Game Music Bundle[*]
Indie Game Music Bundle currently OFFLINE
- for Profit and Charity - run by

Currently on sale indie bundles

Game Music Bundle - ONLINE - LINK

Bundle In A Box: Deep Space - NEW - LINK
  • Space Giraffe
  • Death Ray Manta *2
  • The Wreckless *1
  • War in a Box: Paper Tanks *1
  • Dark Scavenger *1
  • Armalyte *2
  • --- --- --- BTA --- --- ---
  • SOL: Exodus
  • Miner Wars Arena *1
  • RobotRiot *1
  • Armalyte Extras *2

Groupees Bundle: Build A Bundle 3 - LINK
Groupees Bundle: BeMine 4 - LINK

Upcoming indie bundles

Passed indie bundles

Record of passed indie bundles, these bundles are out of date so you can't buy them at their official sites. But maybe someone still have these keys, this post will be for your reference if you want to collect missed bundles.

Humble Indie Bundle -- record listed here

Indie Royale Bundle -- record listed here

Indie Gala Bundle -- record listed here

Groupees Bundle -- record listed here

Indie Face Kick -- record listed here

Bundle In A Box -- record listed here

Little Big Bunch -- record listed here

Indie Games Pack -- record listed here

5 for $5 Bundle -- record listed here

** Can be activated on Steam but NOT available on Steam for purchase
*1 Available and can be activated on Desura, but NOT available on Steam or can not be activated on Steam
*2 NOT available or can NOT be activated on Steam or other platforms
*3 Not released yet
*4 Available on mobiles

BTA: Beat The Average(price)

[*] Game music bundles are included in this thread only with the information whether they are currently online or not, album details won't be specified here. More information can be found on our Wikia pages.

Your suggestions will be appreciated and seriously considered. And please feel free to inform me of any mistakes or inappropriate statements. Thanks.

There is always a way.
alexanderswang on


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