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Batman Arkham city PC Support Non-existant.

grumpusjpgrumpusjp Registered User
edited February 2012 in Games and Technology
Considering the press a game like skyrim gets for post release patches and has caused bethesda to answer or the glaring issues. I think a similar approach would really benefit the batman arkham city community. Batman arkham city has been all but abandoned by the developers. the bug where in you saave game is randomly deleted has been present since launch. this has left the game unplayable and nobody is willing to help out the user who has spent 50 dollars to own an unplayable game. Steam wont refund, warner/rocksteady wont even acknowledge the issue anymore. we're left high and dry without any support.

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  • GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    We have an Arkham City thread already.

    Supposedly the save game deletion bug is coming in the next patch. In the meantime, do something to force the game to make an another autosave after each achievement you get. The problem is with the game autosaving at the same time an achievement registers.

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