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Let's talk about side-scrolling shooters.

DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
The first and only game I've played in this genre was Taxan's GI: Joe game on the NES, which I loved and still love to this day. In a fit of nostalgia I played through it recently and it occurred to me that I've never played another game like it and that I've been ignoring an entire genre of games for no good god damn reason. I didn't want to make a G&T thread just for this...would you guys mind recommending a few titles for me?

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    firewaterwordfirewaterword Satchitananda Pais Vasco to San FranciscoRegistered User regular
    The Bionic Commando remake was heaps of fun - I think it was called Rearmed. Came out on PS3 and 360 arcade a bit ago. It gets pretty hard, but stays engaging. I'm pretty sure there was also a sequel, but I haven't played it. There are probably dozens more out there, but yeah, that's what first comes to mind.

    Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
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    L Ron HowardL Ron Howard The duck MinnesotaRegistered User regular
    Serious Sam Double D

    How's that for starters?

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    GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    Metal Slug series. Full stop.

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    cfsbrawlcfsbrawl Registered User regular
    I couldn't pass by this thread without mentioning Sunset Riders. Great Western themed arcade/SNES/Genesis sidescrolling shooter.

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    Seattle ThreadSeattle Thread Registered User regular
    Second Bionic Commando: Rearmed. It's really great, treats the source material well and offers a good challenge to both casual and hardcore gamers.

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    Gilbert0Gilbert0 North of SeattleRegistered User regular
    Pixeljunk Shooter if you have a PS3. Short but fun and can get tricky on the higher difficulties.

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    FeralFeral MEMETICHARIZARD interior crocodile alligator ⇔ ǝɹʇɐǝɥʇ ǝᴉʌoɯ ʇǝloɹʌǝɥɔ ɐ ǝʌᴉɹp ᴉRegistered User regular
    It might help to mention which platforms you have.

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    DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
    I have a PC and a Wii. My friend has a PS3 that I play from time to time.

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    wonderpugwonderpug Registered User regular
    Megaman 2

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    XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    Is Contra III available for DL on the Wii?

    If so, get it!

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