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Lurking forums such as this always fill me with dread on posting my own pieces. My name is to the left, and I draw/animate for fun! While technical and medium prowess are not going to be on display here, sincere hopes of mine that you can take pleasure from it. I will start with a limited selection of my older pieces, in chronological order.

Selection of Older Stuff and 2/19/2012

And, to get on to what I drew today:

And, last, an animation made today.

I try to spend every day with some 30 second drawings to loosen up, and to remind myself that I need to improve. I then did a 5 minute sketch, and finished up with an animation. Note: Animations are made for today, and most likely will never be finished, I find more learning in the beggining of each scene.



Can't find myself having the time to do something longer, but did do some required warm ups.

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    Regarding the animation, you should draw the whole body. Cutting her off above the knees while she's in a skirt means you aren't thinking about her leg movements at all, which are essential to getting the motion of the rest of the body right. Right now she might as well be gliding over the ground. At the very least, do thumbnail sketches of the frames with her legs and feet drawn so you have something to base the full-size frames off of, even if you keep the no-legs angle .

    Also put in more frames, I feel like 4 keyframes isn't really enough for a motion like that.

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    thornbirdthornbird Registered User regular
    Also regarding the animation, it's not a bad start but you could definitely add some more frames. Specifically the first and second frames are pretty confusing because you replace her right arm in the first frame with her left arm in the second frame. When you first see it, you think it is the same arm and another arm just appeared in front of her. Eventually you will probably want to show the entire body like Bahamut says, but right now there is nothing wrong with just practicing on a smaller scale and getting a feel for how animation works. Before you try to make the final animation, it may be a good idea to make a stick figure or slightly fleshed out stick figure for each frame in the animation to make sure that each frame is evenly spaced in time, then when you are satisfied that it fits and there are no optical illusions like above, you can draw over them to make your frames.
    The hair/head is probably the best part of the animation, it has a decent flow to it.

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    @BahamutZERO: That makes a very good point; in the animation software I use, it has virtual canvas for frames where I added in only the basics and not be seen. I will make an effort to do that along with adding more frames to further animations(this one being dropped).

    @thornbird: I thank you for your complements on the head/hair flow, and really appreciate the thoughts on creating a more frame work to the people(I really should). I remember reading about when making an animation, james baxter mentioned a similar thing. Create the most important frames, keyframes, with 4-8 per scene. Play it back and move them around untill you are happy, then add more inbetweens, review, move them around. I think I am going to try that today.

    Update: Added 2/20/2012 work.

    Update 2: Added today's work. I sure should check and see if double posting is valid after a few more days.

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